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Lesley Dean-Jones, Chair 2210 Speedway, Mail Code C3400, Austin, TX 78712-1738 • 512-471-5742

Spring 2007

GK 385 • Survey of Greek Literature

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
32195 W
12:00 PM-3:00 PM
CBA 4.340

Course Description

One semester is hardly long enough to cover, even cursorily, the field of Greek Literature. With that in mind, this survey makes no claims to comprehensiveness, and will rather aim at reading about 500 lines of Greek poetry or 15-20 OCT pages of prose per week, taken from a sampling of texts on the Greek Ph.D. Exam Reading List. The goal is for students to gain some familiarity with individual authors' styles as well as improve proficiency in reading a wide range of Greek. Students will also be expected to be concurrently reading through a History of Greek Literature to grasp wider literary, historical, and interpretative issues involved with each author. There will be two midterms and a comprehensive final testing both translation ability and knowledge of literary history. Passing this class fulfills the Greek literature requirement for students in the Program in Ancient Philosophy and the Literature requirement for students in the Program in Ancient History.


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