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Spring 2007

LAT 366 • Advanced Lyric Poetry- Classical & Medvl

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
32415 TTh
9:30 AM-11:00 AM
PAR 210

Course Description

This course is designed to survey the vast post-classical Latin literary tradition as it continued through the period known as the "Middle Ages" and into an age concerned with resurrecting the classical tradition, known as the Renaissance. Readings will be chosen from varying countries and periods, but an emphasis will be placed on the reincarnation of Latin lyric poetry in the universal culture of humanism. An important goal will be for students to gain an appreciation of how brilliant and flourishing that culture was. The following are some of the selections to be read and studied: Catullus, Ovid (Amores, Heroides), Carmina Burana, Petrarch, Pontano, Marullus, Poliziano, Secundus, Erasmus, Du Bellay, Muret, Vitalis, Celtis. Assignments will consist of translation and close reading of the texts. Homework, class participation, papers, and exams will count toward the final grade. Prerequisites: LAT 311 or 312K or 312M with a grade of A or consent of the instructor (for LAT 316), LAT 323 (for LAT 366).


1. The Student's Catullus, ed. Daniel Garrison. University of Oklahoma Press, 3rd edition, 2004. ISBN 0806136359. 2. 052144747X Reading Medieval Latin Keith Sidwell 3. Daniel Garrison, Horace: Odes and Epodes. University of Oklahoma Press. ISBN 0806130571


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