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Fall 2007

LAT 383 • Vergil's Aeneid

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
33625 WF
10:00 AM-11:30 AM
SZB 434

Course Description

Currently listed as LAT 385 unique 33625---unique, number (LAT 383), and Title (now Vergil's Aeneid) will change....check registrar's Fall 2007 schedule for online updates.... While Vergil composed some 2.5 lines a day, our pace will be a little faster: one book a week. We will not do a lot of translatingthere'll be trans exams after every four booksbut use the individual books as a springboard for discussing the basic issues of the Aeneid, such as: relation to Homer and other poets, incl. the tragedians; religion and philosophy; divine and human interaction; reflection of Roman and Augustan milieu and values; the nature of heroism; allusiveness and polysemy; scholarly and interpretive trends and methodologies; translations; reception; and teaching the Aeneid to a larger public. There is no shortage of topics and there is still plenty of room for original and intelligent scholarly explorations, a.k.a. a research paper of some substance (20 pp., not counting biblio). Main emphasis: informed class discussion, incl. short reports. Texts: OCT (currently out of print; used copies available from Aeneid 7-12, ed. R.D. Williams (Duckworth repr. 1998) ISBN 1853995002 Aeneid 1-6, ed. R.D. Williams (1972); again out of print, but used copies are available


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