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Lesley Dean-Jones, Chair 2210 Speedway, Mail Code C3400, Austin, TX 78712-1738 • 512-471-5742

Fall 2007

LAT 390 • Cicero: Readings

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
33640 TH
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
WAG 10

Course Description

Latin 390 is an intensive prose reading course intended for MA students in Classics and related disciplines who wish to improve their ability to read Latin accurately and at speed. Students should already have a firm grasp of Latin morphology and syntax as well as significant experience with Latin prose before attempting this course. You will be expected to prepare a significant amount of Latin for each class meeting (c. 500 lines/week). Although the focus of the course will be on acquainting students with the features of Ciceronian Latin, we will also spend some time with the Imperial Latin Prose of Suetonius. Class meetings will be devoted to close translation of selected passages from the prepared assignments; detailed review of Latin syntax; and sight reading. By the end of the semester, students will be able to read quickly and with a strong grasp of Classical Latin syntax. Your grade will be determined by your performance on a midterm and final translation exam (including unseen passages); and a commentary project. Books (all required): Cynthia Damon, ed. Nepos: Life of Atticus (Bryn Mawr Classical Commentaries, 1993). 0929524810. John T. Ramsey, ed. Cicero, Philippics I-II (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003). 052142285X. Brian Warmington, ed. Suetonius: Nero (2nd ed.) (Duckworth Press, 1999). 185399541X.


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