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Fall 2008


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33060 M
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
WAG 10

Course Description

The purpose of this course is twofold: first, to learn the workings of the Linear B scripts and the state of the Greek language in the period 1400 BCE; second, to examine selected texts and scholarship pertinent to big issues in the history of Mycenaean and later Greek culture (including political, economic and state organization; power hierarchy; concepts of ethnic and personal identification; idiolects and dialects, religion, gods, sanctuaries and functionaries; foreign relations; slavery, labor and other aspects of daily life). The aim is to cover topics and problems that are pertinent to later Greek history and society. The course is geared to student interests and therefore we shall refine and modify our themes once we get to know each other. We plan to have as a visiting scholar Prof. Jörg Weilhartner of the University of Salzburg, a leading expert in Mycenaean Greek religion and the workings of the Linear B script. Some attention will be paid to archaeological contexts and material remains. Grading Policy: Grade will based on assignments related to the chrestomathy or primer of Linear B, two in-class reports, article critiques, and a final paper on some topic of your choosing. Prerequisites: A reasonable knowledge of and enthusiasm for Greek. Some background in Greek history and archaeology will be helpful.


REQUIRED TEXTS: NONE Readings on reserve and in course packet. In all cases consult the appropriate sections of Documnets in Mycenaean Greek, 2nd ed., or Palmer, Interpretation of Mycenan Greek Texts, or Ruijgh, Études. And also: DMic: F. Aura Jorro, Diccionario Micénico vols. 1-2 (Madrid 1985 and 1993).


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