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Fall 2009


Unique Days Time Location Instructor
32840 MWF
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
WAG 208

Course Description

GK310 SECOND YEAR MODERN GREEK 32840 MWF 10-11AM WAG208 The goal of this course is that students achieve proficiency in Modern Greek and at the same time acquire a general knowledge of Greece's social and cultural life (customs and traditions, history, geography, tourism, education, etc.). The course is designed for students with previous instruction in Modern Greek equivalent to two semesters of academic work. Students who have some background in writing, reading and speaking Greek but have not completed the GK 503 and wish to enroll should contact the instructor. This course and the forthcoming GK310K (Spring 2010) are the last part of the Modern Greek language series offered by the department. You are provided with various authentic materials from the media (internet, press etc), cinema, music and literature. The course aims to improve reading, writing and oral comprehension skills, through the study of particular grammatical and syntactical aspects of Modern Greek language while discussing subjects concerning Modern Greece from the 19th century till today (tourism, life in Greece and Cyprus, Greek Diaspora, music, history of Greek language and others). History and archaeology of the Greek world are possible subjects to be discussed based on field trip/museum visits to Greek collections and lectures on ancient Greek civilization. There will be daily assignments, weekly quizzes, a midterm and a final exam. Regular attendance is part of your class work grade. Two books are required for the class. Make sure the textbook comes with a CD. • Communicate in Greek 3 Textbook,By: Kleanthes Arvanitakes,ISBN-10: 9608464056 ISBN-13: 9789608464056 Publisher: Deltos Pubns - 1996-01 • Communicate in Greek: Exersice 3. By: Kleanthes Arvanitakes . ISBN-10: 9608464064 ISBN-13: 9789608464063 Publisher: Deltos Pubns - 1997-01 A good lexicon will be one that has both Greek/English and English/Greek, for example the Oxford English-Greek Learner's Dictionary by D. N. Stavropoulos, Oxford University Press, Second revised edition, 2000, ISBN: 0194312429. Other suggestive grammars and dictionaries are: • Greek: An Essential Grammar of the Modern Language (Routledge Grammars) by David Holton, Routledge, 2003, ISBN: 0415232104 • 600 Modern Greek Verbs: Fully Conjugated in All the Tenses Alphabetically Arranged by K. Kapre-Karka, Pella Pub Co., Bilingual edition, 1997, ISBN: 0918618649 Other supportive material included but not limited to internet resources, audiovisual material and photographs will be part of our class and related to daily assignments. K??? ??????? ??????!


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