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Michael Gagarin

Professor Emeritus

James R. Dougherty, Jr. Centennial Professor Emeritus
Michael Gagarin



FieldsGreek Law, Literature, and Philosophy






Greek Law, Literature, and Philosophy

GK 180K • Rsch Meths In Classical Stds

32875 • Fall 2009
Meets T 1100-1200 CBA 4.346
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This course is meant to provide new graduate students with an introduction to materials and methods of classical scholarship.  The instructor and other members of the department will present introductory lectures and bibliographies on the various disciplines involved in contemporary classical studies.  

Students will be required to attend lectures and colloquia, given by visitors and members of our department.

All students should register for this course on a credit/no credit basis.

GK 385 • Attic Oratory

32245 • Spring 2009
Meets M 200pm-500pm WAG 10
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GK 385 Graduate Reading Course:

Topics given in recent years include Plato and Greek prose, Sophocles, and Sophists.


Books (sole author):

Writing Greek Law (Cambridge University Press, 2008); Greek translation, Athens (Kardamitsa) 2011.

Antiphon the Athenian: Oratory, Law and Justice in the Age of the Sophists (University of Texas Press, 2002). Won the Texas Institute of Letters' Friends of the Dallas Public Library Award for the Book Making the Most Significant Contribution to Knowledge in 2002.

Antiphon, the speeches (edition and commentary). Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics (Cambridge 1997).

The Murder of Herodes: A Study of Antiphon 5. (Studien zur klassischen Philologie 45, Frankfurt 1989).

Early Greek Law (University of California Press 1986; paperback edition 1989).

Drakon and Early Athenian Homicide Law (Yale University Press 1981).

Aeschylean Drama (University of California Press 1976).



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“Ancient Greek Laws on Sacrifice.” Forthcoming in the proceedings of a conference on Sacrifice.

“Law and Rhetoric in Ancient Greece.” Forthcoming in the The Oxford Handbook of Rhetorical Studies

“Vengeance, Pollution, and Homicide in Plato and Antiphon.” Forthcoming in the papers of the Conference on Vengeance (Classical Press of Wales).

“Law and Religion in Early Greece.” Forthcoming in a collection of papers on Law and Religion in the Ancient World.

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