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The $1000 Apostrophe

Grammar and a hefty donation to the Classics Library

Posted: August 26, 2008

So, we’ve been helping Dr. D.O. Nilsson for some time now in the Classics Library. Not necessarily on anything to do with the subject of Classics but usually Scandinavian literature. He likes visiting the Classics Library as he always gets a warm welcome and we try our best to help him. Our ex-student assistant Joseph Brentlinger, an English major, was particularly helpful.

Tuesday he phoned me for some advice on the particular use of an apostrophe.
I called him back with the answer from a grammar book.
On Wednesday he went to the main office in PCL and donated $1000 to the Classics Library to buy books.

Wasn’t that nice of him!!
That’s about it really.

Gina Giovannone
Classics Library Supervisor
512 495-4690

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