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Fall 2008

ECO 330T • Environmental Resources and Economic Growth

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34028 -TBA


Course Description

This course presents non-majors with an economic perspective on the social issues that come up in the use of environmental and natural resources. This means we cover topics such as the development of economic prescriptions for dealing with environmental 'externalities' and the underpinnings of different definitions of sustainability in the use of natural resources. One idea developed in the course is that, although economic theory predicts resource prices should steadily rise with growing demand, in fact the real prices of non-renewable resources have generally trended down in the long run. This conflict between theory and fact leads to a study of how the demand for non-renewable resources is related to technological and institutional change. We also consider how traditional models of economic growth are being expanded, by using a broader definition of social capital, to capture the crucial growth implications of consuming non-renewable resources.


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