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Fall 2009

ECO 376M • Economics of Life

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Website All readings are on reserve at the PCL. You only need to study the items WITHOUT a star (without *). You will be held responsible for the material in the starred (*) items, as each student will present one of these in class. Please DO NOT read the X'd-out pages in any articles. The required readings are purposely kept few in number to allow time for work on writing assignments GRADING: There will be a midterm exam, counting 20 percent of the grade. Another 15 percent of your grade is based on your class attendance and your presentation—you must be present at your classmates' presentations. (In addition to your starred (*) reading, you will also present your own paper while it is in progress.) The 5-page paper counts for 15 percent of the grade, while the 15-page paper counts 50 percent of the grade. The 5-page paper is a proposal detailing what you will do on the main paper. The idea must be cleared with the instructor well before that date. A complete draft of the paper is due on Thursday, April 24. It will be handed back with writing corrections and revised final submission.


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