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Fall 2004

ECO 376M • Personnel Economics-W

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
31630 MW
9:30 AM-11:00 AM
BRB 2.136

Course Description

Economics 376M is a course in personnel economics. We will use economic theory to analyze how profit-maximizing firms make decisions involving human resources. Among the topics to be covered are the following: Neoclassical labor demand theory, Recruiting, hiring, and job design, Training and investment in workers' human capital, Compensation, promotion, and provision of incentives, Nonwage job attributes and fringe benefits.

Grading Policy

Writing Assignment #1: Description of a firm, its major personnel issues, and your source of firm information (1-2 pages)-5%. Writing Assignment #2: Description of firm's major personnel policies (3-4 pages)-5%. Writing Assignment #3: Rough draft of term paper that analyzes the effectiveness of firm's personnel policies (6-8 pages) 5%. Writing Assignment #4: Revised final draft of term paper (6-8 pages)-35%. Quizzes: Analytical problems or short essays (lowest score dropped)-40%. Evaluation experiment: 5%. Presentation/participation: 5%.


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