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Jason Abrevaya, Chair 2225 Speedway, Stop C3100, Austin, TX 78712 • Admin: 512-471-3211 & Advising: 512-471-2973

Fall 2004

ECO 363C • Computational Economics

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
31610 MWF
12:00 PM-1:00 PM
GAR 203

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to computational economics for undergraduates. It will cover the application of computational methods to economic models in fields such as sectoral economics, environmental economics, macroeconomics, growth theory and others. The computational methods will include both simulation and optimization approaches as well as databases. A variety of computer languages will be used including GAUSS, GAMS and Mathematica.

Previous knowledge in economics, mathematics and computational methods is useful though strength in one or two of these areas can more than accommodate for little or no background in one or two of the others.

Grading Policy

There are weekly computer exercises as well as a mid-term exam and a term paper.


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