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Summer 2003


Unique Days Time Location Instructor
83700 MTWThF
8:30 AM-10:00 AM
UTC 3.132

Course Description

Latin America today is one of the main destinations of political attention, finacial flows, and market access among emerging economies. The region's stance stems from a decade of stabilization policies of diverse scope and depth that generally entailed modernization of institutions and rules of the game for businesses, economic opening, and financial integration. However, during the past year, Latin American economies are facing hardships, due in part by the international business cycle, but in part, by a decline in economic and institutional discipline. In this intensive summer course, we will explore and analyze macroeconomic stabilization in Latin America and the Caribbean, their constraints, achievements, and risks, so important for an economic evaluation for businesses and policymaking. Additionally, we will concentrate on trade and financial liberalization as well as on the characteristics and scope of FTA's (Free Trade Areas) as conditions for market access in both trade and investment. We will also address some main issues that decision makers consider in doing business with or in Latin America (technology, the regulatory and legal environment, and other policy and institutional aspects). Some additional aspects of Latin America's quest for development will be addressed, such as education, wage structures, and economic asymmetries. We will follow an economic viewpoint, comlemented by a political economy approach and on international competitiveness.


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