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Fall 2005

ECO 334K • Urban Economics

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
31815 -TBA

J. Cooper

Course Description

In this course we are concerned with the internal workings of cities and the role of cities in the larger economy. Using micro economic theory, we will be examining questions like: Why do high income individuals live in central Paris, but low income individuals live in central Detroit? How does this influence the economy of a city? What affect has the automobile and public transportation had on our urban economy? Why do developed economy systems of cities look different than those of less developed economies? This is a writing intensive course. Grades will be allocated as follows: 5 short writing assignments 8% each, research paper 50%, class participation 10%. I will provide clear guidelines for all of the research/writing projects. All of the short writing assignments will be announced in class and at least half completed during the lecture period. You will find that regular class attendance is necessary for you to complete this course successfully. Since writing is a process, you will be given many opportunities to make the most of this process. Your research paper grade will require a revision for you to receive full credit. At least two short writing assignment grades will require a revision for you to receive full credit.


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