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UT Economics' The "Big Daddy" Hall of Fame at the County Line

Courtesy of Professor Kim Ruhl

Posted: April 3, 2007

UT guest economists are being nationally recognized for something other than their scholarly achievement. A small but elite group of nationally known economists have gained admittance to the "Big Daddy" Hall of Fame. Admittance to the Hall of Fame requires the complete consumption of a full rack of barbequed beef ribs known as the "Big Daddy from the County Line Resturant.

Unless you have been to Texas, odds are that you have not seen a whole rack of beef ribs, as most of the U.S. thinks barbeque is made out of pork. Beef ribs are large: very large. Finishing the Big Daddy requires courage, stamina, and a lot of napkins. Finishing the side dishes that accompany the Big Daddy is not required, but is considered good form.

For more information contact: Professor Kim Ruhl at
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