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Jason Abrevaya, Chair 2225 Speedway, Stop C3100, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3211

Job Market Candidates, 2013-2014

Placement Director:  Professor Eugenio Miravete

Placement Coordinator: Vivian Goldman-Leffler

chackoName:         GEORGE, Chacko
Diss. Title:   "Essays in Macroeconomics and Banking"
Fields:         Macroeconomics, Banking and Financial Institutions, Development Economics
Advisor(s):    Matthias Kehrig
CV:             PDF

brettName:          HOLLENBECK, Brett
Diss. Title:    "Essays on Competition under Asymmetric Information"
Fields:           Industrial Organization, Econometrics, Computational Economics
Advisor(s):     Eugenio Miravete and Stephen Ryan
CV:               PDF

ckName:          KRAININ, Colin
Diss. Title:     Commitment and Conflict
Fields:           Game Theory, Political Economy, Macroeconomics
Advisor:         Thomas Wiseman
CV:               PDF

  jonName:         LHOST, Jonathan
Diss. Title:   "Essays on Competition, Cooperation, and Market Structures"
  Fields:          Industrial Organization, Game Theory, Microeconomics
  Advisor(s):    David Sibley and Dale Stahl
  CV:              PDF

  julieName:         PECHACEK, Julie
Diss. Title:   "Essays on Education, Inequality and Society"
  Fields:          Labor Economics, Education, Development, Health Economics
  Advisor(s):    Sandra Black
  CV:              PDF

  melName:         PETRE, Melinda
  Diss. Title:    "Essays on the Impact of Cognitive and Noncognitive Skills on                                  
                      Labor Market Outcomes"
  Fields:          Labor Economics, Microeconomic Theory
  Advisor(s):     Sandra Black
  CV:              PDF

  liaName:         QIU, Liangfei
  Diss. Title:   "Essays on the Economics of Information Systems"
  Fields:          Game Theory, Experimental Economics, Industrial Organization
  Advisor(s):     Andrew Whinston
  CV:              PDF

tomName:        RODERICK, Tom
Diss. Title:   "Economic Consequences of Electricity Transmission Regulation"
Fields:          Industrial Organization, Regulation, Computational Economics, Econometrics
Advisors(s):  Stephen Ryan
CV:             PDF

pName:        SHOUKRY, George
Diss. Title:   "Essays on Mechanism Design, Safety, and Crime"
Fields:         Mechanism Design, Game Theory, Microeconomic Theory, Applied Microeconomics,
                   Econometrics, Computational Economics
Advisor(s):   Jason Abrevaya and Maxwell Stinchcombe
CV:             PDF

inaName:          TANEVA, Ina
Diss. Title:    "Essays on Mechanism Design and Information"
Fields:           Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design, Information Economics    
Advisor(s):      Laurent Mathevet and Maxwell Stinchcombe
CV:               PDF

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