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Job Market Candidates, 2014-2015

Placement Director:  Professor Stephen Ryan

Placement Coordinator: Vivian Goldman-Leffler

ok Name:       BOGOSLOVSKIY, Rostislav
Diss. Title:  Income Inequality, Income Mobility, and the Supply of Credit
Fields:        Macroeconomics, Computational Economics, Labor Economics
Advisor(s):  Olivier Coibion
CV:            PDF

Jeff DenningName:        DENNING, Jeffrey
Diss. Title:   Essays on the Economics of Higher Education
Fields:         Labor Economics, Public Economics, Econometrics
Advisor(s):   Sandra Black
CV:             PDF

ricki Name:          DOLAN, Ricki
Diss. Title:     Kids Change Everything: Three Essays on Labor and Family Economics
Fields:           Labor Economics, Family Economics, Macroeconomics
Advisor(s):     Stephen Trejo
CV:               PDF

ck Name:          GHOSH, Neal
Diss. Title:     Essays in Applied Economic Theory
Fields:           Microeconomic Theory, Information Economics
Advisor(s):      Thomas Wiseman
CV:               PDF

  jonName:         HWANG, Sunjoo
Diss. Title:    Relational Contracts and the Value of Information
  Fields:          Contract Theory, Corporate Finance Theory, Organizational Economics
  Advisor(s):     Maxwell Stinchcombe and Thomas Wiseman
  CV:              PDF

  julieName:          KLIS, Anna
Diss. Title:     Essays on Externalities and Multilateral Agreements
  Fields:          Game Theory, Microeconomics, Environmental Economics
  Advisor(s):     Maxwell Stinchcombe
  CV:               PDF

  melName:         KUHN, Florian
  Diss. Title:    Firm Heterogeneity and the Business Cycle
  Fields:          Macroeconomics, Computational Economics
  Advisor(s):     Matthias Kehrig
  CV:               PDF

  liaName:         LU, Qian
  Diss. Title:    Essays on Skill-Biased Technological Change
  Fields:          Labor Economics, Public Finance
  Advisor(s):    Sandra Black
  CV:              PDF

tomName:         POLSON, Chester
Diss. Title:    Essays on the Economics of Education and Human Capital
Fields:          Labor Economics, Public Finance, Econometrics
Advisor(s):    Sandra Black
CV:              PDF

pName:        SENTURK, Rifat
Diss. Title:   Essays in Personnel Economics
Fields:         Labor Economics, Personnel Economics, Entrepreneurship
Advisor(s):   Stephen Trejo
CV:             PDF

inaName:          SHAO, Lei
Diss. Title:     Exclusive Dealing in Two-Sided Markets: for Better or Worse?
Fields:           Industrial Organization, Applied Theory, Information Technology
Advisor(s):     David Sibley and Abraham Wickelgren
CV:               PDF

inaName:          SHAO, Ruoyu
Diss. Title:     Essays on Commercial Mortgage-Backed Security
Fields:           Financial Economics, Econometrics
Advisor(s):     John Griffin and Haiqing Xu
CV:               PDF

inaName:          SPERISEN, Benjamin
Diss. Title:     Essays on Reputation and Repeated Games
Fields:           Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Applied Microeconomics
Advisor(s):     Thomas Wiseman
CV:                PDF

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