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Jill Galvan

Galvan, Jill

Current Position: English Literature Professor

Where are you working now?

This year (2003), I'm embarking on a tenure-track position in the English Department at Ohio State University, where I'll be specializing in Victorian literature. I received my PhD in English from UCLA (2001) and my B.A. in English/Plan II from UT (1994).

What was important to you about your time at UT?

What I valued most about my time as a UT English major was being pushed to become a better writer. My instructors never let me slide by with the type of writing that had worked in high school; they forced me to clarify my style and sharpen my thinking, and those skills proved essential during my graduate years. My current writing project examines the Victorian figure of the woman communications medium in her various incarnations--typist, telephone operator, telegraph operator, seance medium, and so forth.


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