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Joe Gillespie

Gillespie, Joe

Current Position: Attorney at a small law firm in Dallas practicing labor and employment law

How did you get to be an attorney?

I graduated from UT as an undergraduate in 1999 with an English degree. More recently I graduated from UT School of Law in 2002 with a JD.

How does your English degree help you in this job?

As an attorney, a great deal of my work involves trying to carefully articulate ideas in a clear and concise manner through writing that is both persuasive and enjoyable to read. I also have to do a fair amount of reading and analyzing of other's writing. Consequently, my foundation in English proved extremely useful both to my studies in law school and to my professional career.

The English department's professors were an invaluable source of guidance who really helped me improve my reading and writing techniques. The best thing about studying English at UT, however, is how enjoyable the reading material was to study and how friendly the professors and staff were to work with.

While I'll never be able to write with the power of Morrison, or the poignancy of Hemingway, my studies have given me a true appreciation of our language and its ability, when properly crafted, to convey effectively our thoughts and emotions.


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