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Lori Williams

Williams, Lori

Current Position: Novelist

How did you become a novelist?

With encouragement and guidance from the UT English Department and my former English professors, Laura Furman and Jim Magnusun, I applied for and received a post graduate Michener Fellowship from the Texas Center for Writers. I used the fellowship to complete my first novel, When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune, a book about a twelve year old writer growing up in Houston, Texas.

Was the novel a success?

Kambia Elaine was a great success. The first printing completely sold out at Simon and Schuster before the publication release date. After that, it went on to win several awards and recognitions, including a nomination for the Los Angles Times Book Award. It also appeared in Seventeen and Teen People Magazines, and was voted the number one Young Adult Book by for the year 2000. I followed up Kambia Elaine with a companion, entitled Shayla's Double Brown Baby Blues. Shayla received her own set of awards, and both books have been released on tape, in large print, and just recently in the UK. Currently, I am working on my third novel, entitled Broken China, Fallen Cherubs, and Aliens, which has already won a American Pen Award for best work in progress. So far my writing career has gone extremely well, and I'm certain there are only greater things to come. Thank you UT!


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