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Martin Kevorkian, Chair CAL 226, Mailcode B5000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-4991

Fall 2006

E 375K • English and American Satire

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
35515 MWF
2:00 PM-3:00 PM
PAR 303

Course Description

The course will begin with some older models for satire (Horace, Boethius, Chaucer, for example), a critical essay, and move into some of the well-known authors (Dryden, Swift, Pope, Irving, Twain, Bierce). All the previous introduce what "satire" means. At this point, we sometimes read pieces suggested by you and could read pieces never intended to be satirical (e.g., Bible or Declaration of Independence). Usually we've spent most of the semester on contemporary works (Loved One, Confederacy of Dunces, Clockwork Orange, Catch 22, Doctor Strangelove, Lolita).

The readings could change. Please let me know what you want to read.

Grading Policy

Attendance 33%
Short papers 33%
Final paper or exam 33%

More than 2 absences will result in a "B" for final grade, more than 4 a "C," etc. You may rewrite papers for a higher grade if the original paper showed some effort. In any case, you must attend and write "A" or "B" papers to get an "A" or "B".


Packet of readings from IT Copy Service (MLK next to Fire Station)
Paperbacks of readings we choose to do.


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