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Martin Kevorkian, Chair CAL 226, Mailcode B5000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-4991

Fall 2007

E 322 • Sex, Lies, and Politics in Chinese Literature

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
35755 MWF
10:00 AM-11:00 AM
hrh 3.102A

Course Description

This course revolves thematically around the issues arising from sex, gender, politics and sexual politics as they manifest themselves in Chinese literature (in translation). Focusing on gender issues in the literary traditions, both male and female, readings will be assigned from the late Imperial period to the New Republic, the Mao Years to the Reform Era and into the present. From readings as various as the romantic late Qing drama to the "asexual"/feminist plays of the Cultural Revolution, strange tales from the late Imperial period to the sexually charged, avant-garde fiction of Zhang Xianliang, Can Xue, Hong Ying and others, and the immortal (if wry) longings of Zhang Ailing to those of Bai Xianyong, we shall explore and grapple with notions of Chinese femininities and Chinese masculinities in this complex and fast-changing culture.

Grading Policy

Three short papers (4 pages each) 40%
One longer final paper (6-8 pages) 20%
Class exercises and participation 40%


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