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Martin Kevorkian, Chair CAL 226, Mailcode B5000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-4991

Fall 2008

E 344L • Introduction to Film Genres-- Honors

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
35325 TTh
9:30 AM-11:00 AM
GAR 2.108

Course Description

Course Description: In "Genre Film: A Classical Experience," Thomas Sobchack argues that fictional genre films all share a common origin and basic form. He goes on to state: "the genre film must be made from certain well-known and immediately recognizable plots" (104). This course is an introduction to film genre studies, and we begin by identifying classical categories of film and exploring the conventions (visual, stylistic, narrative, tropic, and aesthetic) of specific genres to map their recognizable plots. Genres will include the musical, the western, film noir, and science fiction. By pairing historical works with contemporary offerings, students are expected to reflect critically on the evolution, revitalization, and, in some cases, the deaths of certain genres. Critical approaches include but are not limited to psychoanalytic, feminist, Marxist, as well as cultural, ethnic, and film studies. We will conclude the course with a critical consideration of the "Blockbuster" film and its relationship to genre.

Grading Policy

Reading/Viewing Responses (2-3 pp.) 20%
Film Review (4 pp.) 20%
Research Report (3 pp.) 20%
Final Research Paper (8-10 pp.) 40%

Attendance is mandatory. More than three unexcused absences will result in a significant grade reduction.


Grant, Barry Keith, ed. Film Genre Reader III
Course packet (available at Jenn's Copies)


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