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Martin Kevorkian, Chair CAL 226, Mailcode B5000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-4991

Spring 2009

E 379N • Mexican American Modernism

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
34570 TTh
3:30 PM-5:00 PM
par 103

Course Description

Mexican-American writers wrestled with enormous changes brought about their community's uneven incorporation into the United States during the first half of the twentieth century. These included the rise of racial segregation, the transformation of gender roles, and the struggle to find a cultural identity with US nationalism. This course will consider how Mexican-American writers negotiated the conflicting demands of national and ethnic identity, the impact of institutional racism upon Mexican-American communities, and the renewal of those communities through immigration. Emphasis will be placed upon conducting close analysis of the various aesthetic strategies employed by these authors in encountering modernism and modernity.

Grading Policy

Class participation and attendance 10%
Oral presentation 20%
Writing 70%


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