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Fall 2009

E 392M • Renaissance Book

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Course Description

This course offers a survey of books in England, 1475-1640, with special focus on the holdings of the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC). Some of the questions we will seek to answer include the following:

What kinds of books were most frequently printed in early modern England?

Where were books—English and foreign alike—regularly purchased?

Where and how were they read, and by whom?

How might the physical properties of various texts affected how they were used?

What were private libraries like during this period? How were they organized?


Beginning with overviews of book history by such scholars as Adrian Johns, Roger Chartier, and Julie Stone Peters, we will move into more specific treatment of English books and readers by Heidi Brayman Hackel, Alan J. Farmer, Zachary Lesser, Ann Moss, Peter W.M. Blayney, and William Sherman, among other figures. Students will be encouraged to conduct original research on a volume or volumes in the HRC's collection.


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