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Spring 2006

E 379N • Melville

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
33840 MWF
9:00 AM-10:00 AM
WAG 208

Course Description

This course will explore the writings of one of America's greatest authors. As a novelist, short story writer, poet, and observer of life on sea and land from Japan to the Marquesa and Polynesian Islands, the Encantadas, Italy, England, South America, and Palestine, Melville saw much of the world and through his powerful prose he probed the meaning of peoples, places, and the creatures of the deep. The course will cover all Melville's major genres (novels, short stories, and poetry), but the texts to be read by all class members will be limited to four of his novels (Omoo, Redburn, White Jacket, and Moby-Dick), his three short novels ("Bartleby the Scrivener," "Benito Cereno," and "Billy Budd"), a selected group of his short stories, and a selection from his poetry. His other novels (Typee, Pierre, Mardi, The Confidence Man, and Israel Potter) and his long poem, Clarel, will be read by groups of students who will give oral reports on these texts.

Grading Policy

In addition to the oral report, three out-of-class essays of four pages each (on a novel, short story, and poetry) and one research paper of eight pages will be written for the grade.

Essays 20% each
Oral Report 10%
Research Paper 30%


Omoo (Dover, $10.95; ISBN 0486408736)
Tales, Poems, and Other Writings (Modern Library, $14.95; ISBN 0375757120)
Melville: Redburn, White Jacket, Moby-Dick (Library of America, $35.00; ISBN 0-940450-09-7). Texts to be read subject to change.


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