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Harrington Symposium

Sat, February 7, 2009 • 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM • Harry Ransom Center

Race, Ethnicity, and the History of Books

The Department of English and the Donald D. Harrington Fellowship sponsor a symposium organized by Harrington Fellow Matt Cohen, exploring such questions as: in what ways, if any, does an attention to race and ethnicity complicate or advance the history of the book?  In what ways, if any, does the history of the book complicate or advance the study of race and ethnicity?  Are there opportunities for methodological innovation, shifts in the periodization of “print culture,” or new narratives of the long history of communications media, that are opened up by the category of “race”?  What might be the relations between the political and analytical benefits of bringing these categories and methodologies to bear upon each other—and what might be the costs or ethics of doing so?

For more information, please visit the symposium website:

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