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Martin Kevorkian, Chair CAL 226, Mailcode B5000, Austin, TX 78712 • Admin: 512-471-4991 & Advising: 512-471-5736

Faculty List

Creative Writing

Photo of Michael W Adams

Michael W Adams

Associate Professor, University Distinguished Teaching Associate Professor  |  CAL 316


Ph.D., 1973, The University of Texas at Austin


  Legal writing; history of Western thought; the Bible as literature; the modern short story; the modern American novel.

Photo of Betsy A Berry

Betsy A Berry

Senior Lecturer  |  512-471-8385  |  CAL 306


Ph.D., 1994, University of Texas at Austin


  Poetry; the short story; the British novel.

Photo of Oscar H. Casares

Oscar H. Casares

Associate Professor  |  512-471-8758  |  PAR 222


M.F.A., University of Iowa

Peter N LaSalle

Susan Taylor McDaniel Regents Professor in Creative Writing

512-471-8113  |  PAR 24


B.A., Harvard University, 1969, M.A., University of Chicago, 1972
Photo of Elizabeth McCracken

Elizabeth McCracken

James A. Michener Chair in Creative Writing

CAL 317

Photo of Lisa L Moore

Lisa L Moore

Professor  |  512-471-1837  |  PAR 217


Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University


  Eighteenth-century English and American literature; women's literature; LGBT literature and culture; poetry and poetics; visual studies and garden history; feminist and queer theory; history of sexuality.

John Pipkin

Visiting Creative Writer

Photo of Thomas B Whitbread

Thomas B Whitbread

Professor  |  512-471-8750  |  PAR 216


Ph.D., 1959, Harvard University


  Poetry, poetics, and literary criticism

Helena Woodard

Associate Professor  |  512-471-8703  |  PAR 331


Ph.D., 1991, English, University of North Carolina


  18th century British literature; ethnic and Third World literature; american literature, critical race theory; women, gender, and literature

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