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Tuition Bill and the Tuition Reduction Benefit

Tuition payment for TAs and AIs

TAs and AIs receive the Tuition Reduction Benefit (TRB) as a part of their employment.  The benefit is not taxable.

To be eligible for a TAship or AIship, you must be registered for at least nine credits for the semester (full time).

The TRB is paid by the Provost's Office and the English Department, and will cover nine hours of graduate tuition.  If you wish to take additional hours, you are responsible for the additional tuition expense.

Your registration is not complete until your fee bill has been paid and you confirm your attendance.  The Fall 2014 deadline is Tuesday, September 2 at 5 pm.  Failing to confirm attendance by this deadline will result in the cancellation of your registration.

To confirm attendance, and obtain a tuition bill quote or verify payment of your tuition bill, go to My Tuition Bill. For other questions about on billing and payments, please visit Student Accounts Receivable.  For more information about the Tuition Reduction Benefit and the eligiblity requirements for TAs, AIs, and GRAs, see Academic Employment.

Non-resident tuition waiver for TAs, AIs, and GRAs

Graduate student employees (TAs, AIs, and GRAs) who are not residents of Texas must complete a Request for Resident Tuition Entitlement every semester in order to avoid paying tuition at the out-of-state rate.

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