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UT-Austin English Ph.D. graduates and job placements

Doctoral Candidates Scheduled for Final Oral Examinations of the Dissertation


Summer 2014

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Ty Alyea "Rituals of Diagnosis: Insanity, Medicine, and Violence in the American Novel, 1799-1861," Martin Kevorkian, Matt Cohen.
Meghan Andrews "Shakespeare's Networks," Doug Bruster.
Lauren Gantz "To Retrieve What Was Left: Archival Impulses in Caribbean Diasporic Fiction," Jennifer Wilks.  
Jessica Goudeau "Elizabeth Bishop and Brazil," Kurt Heinzelman.    
Nicole Gray "Spirited Media: Revision, Race and Revelation in Nineteenth-Century America," Evan Carton, Michael Winship.    
Bradley King "The Romance with Melville and American Literary History," Evan Carton.  
Andrew Rechnitz "Unsettling Rhetorical Patterns and the Fate of Democracy," Jeffrey Walker.  
Rachel Schneider "Some Versions of the Fragment, 1700-1800," Matt Cohen, Lance Bertelsen.  
Christopher Taylor "Unknowing the Middle Ages: How Middle English Poetics Rewrote Literary History," Dan Birkholz, Geraldine Heng.  
Hugh Clevenger Wiese "Playing Around the Real: Games, Play, and the Declamation Dynamic in Ancient and Modern Rhetorical Pedagogy," Jeffrey Walker.    
Rachel Wise "Losing Appalachia: Genre and Local Color's Out-of-Place Objects, 1870-1920," Coleman Hutchison.  

Spring 2014

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Todd Battistelli "Appeals to Reason: Negotiating Rhetorical Responsibility and Dialectical Constraints in Church-State Separation Discourse," Patricia Roberts-Miller.  
 Megan Eatman "Identification and Interpretive Rights in the Rhetoric of Violent Spectacle,"Patricia Roberts-Miller.  
Louisa Hall  "Forms of Release: The Escape Poetry of Hester Pulter, Anne Bradstreet, Thomas Hardy, and Robert Frost," John Rumrich.  
Bryan Russell "Writing a Way Home:  Cherokee Narratives of Critical and Ethical Nationhood," James Cox, John Gonzalez.    
Jessica Shafer "Reading Female Learning in the Mid-Victorian Novel," Carol MacKay.  
Michael Widner "Genre Trouble: Embodied Cognition in Fabliaux, Chivalric Romance, and Latin Chronicle," Geraldine Heng, Michael Johnson.  


Fall 2013

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Sydney Bufkin "Reviewing the Purpose Novel: Reception, Social Reform, and the Limits of Persuasion in Turn-of-the-Century American Fiction," Gretchen Murphy and Philip Barrish.
Eric Dieter "Enduring Character: The Problem with Authenticity and the Persistance of Ethos," Patricia Roberts-Miller.
Kristine Kotecki

"After the Archive: Framing Cultural Memory in Ex-Yugoslav Collections," Mia Carter and Ann Cvetkovich.

Megan Little "Role-play Work and Contested Authority in Policy and Legal Writing: A Case Study of Domestic Partner Benefit Advocacy," Davida Charney and Clay Spinuzzi.


Summer 2013

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Charlotte Nunes "This Novel Social Fabric:  Genre, Liberalism, and Political Idealism in Fiction of the British Empire, 1913-1936," Elizabeth Cullingford and Snehal Shingavi. University of Texas at Austin Lecturer
Laine Perez "Preparation, Protection, and Practicality: Anxieties in Progressive Era Education," Philip Barrish and Gretchen Murphy. North Arkansas College Faculty Instructor

Spring 2013

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Douglas Coulson "The Rhetoric of Common Enemies in the Racial Prerequisites to Naturalized Citizenship before 1952," Patricia Roberts-Miller and Susan Heinzelman. Carnegie Mellon University Assistant Professor  
Julia Delacroix "Writing with an Iron Pen: Gender and Genre in Early
American Elegy," Lisa Moore and Matthew Cohen.
Southwestern University Postdoctoral Fellowship  
Matthew Gertken  "Jonathan Swift, Sir William Temple and the International Balance of Power," John Rumrich and Elizabeth Hedrick. Stratfor Global Intelligence Senior Analyst  
Frederick Coye Heard "Apposition, Displacement: An Ethics of Abstraction in Postwar American Fiction," Martin Kevorkian. Virginia Military Institute Assistant Professor  
Hala Herbly "Uncanny Effects: Professionalism and the Gothic Sensibility," Ann Cvetkovich and Sam Baker. University of Texas at Austin Lecturer  
Trevor Hoag "Occupying Memory: Rhetorical Studies for the 99%," Diane Davis. Christopher Newport University Assistant Professor  
Dasan Kim "Myths of Home and Nation: Conventions of Victorian Domestic Melodrama in O'Casey, Osborne, and Pinter," James Loehlin.    
Eileen McGinnis "Developing Hypotheses: Evolutions in the Poetics of Whitman and Melville," Martin Kevorkian.  University of Texas at Austin Lecturer  
Stephanie Odom "Literature in Composition: A Mixed Methods Analysis,"
Patricia Roberts-Miller.
University of Texas at Tyler Assistant Professor  
Krzysztof Piekarski "Buddhist Philosophy in the Work of David Foster Wallace," Martin Kevorkian. Whitman College Adjunct Professor  
Noel Radley "Embodied Mind & Sixteenth-Century Poetry: Wyatt, Vaughan Lock, & Shakespeare." Hannah Wojciehowski. Santa Clara University Lecturer  
Dustin Stewart "Exponential Futures: Whig Poetry and Religious Imagination, 1670-1745," Lance Bertelsen and John Rumrich. University of Texas at Austin Lecturer  

Fall 2012

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Matthew Davies "The 2nd Earl of Essex and the History Players: The Factional Writing of John Hayward, William Shakespeare, Samuel Daniel and George Chapman," Frank Whigham. Mary Baldwin College Assistant Professor  
Jeremy Dean "Multiplicities: The Infrastructure of African American Literature, 1899-1996," Philip Barrish Rap Genius Education Czar  
Dave Harper "Curb'd Enthusiasms: Critical Interventions in the Reception of Paradise Lost, 1667-1732," John Rumrich. United States Military Academy Academy Professor  
Donna Hobbs "Telling Tales out of School: Schoolbooks, Audiences, and the Production of Vernacular Literature in Late Medieval England," Marjorie Woods and Elizabeth Scala.      
Nicholas Myklebust "Coleridge, Textual Revision, and the Metaphysical Method," Thomas Cable. University of Texas at Austin Postdoctoral Fellowship  
Lauren Nahas "The Student's Experience of Multimodal Assignments: Play, Learning, and Visual Thinking," Lester Faigley.      
Roger Reeves "Black Western Thought: Toward a Theory of the Black Citizen-Object," Meta Jones and Matt Richardson. University of Illinois, Chicago Assistant Professor  

Summer 2012

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Emily Bloom "Air-borne Bards: Anglo-Irish Writers and the BBC, 1931-1968," Mia Carter and Elizabeth Cullingford. Georgia State University Assistant Professor  
Kevin Bourque "Blind Items: Anonymity, Notoriety, and the Making of Eighteenth-Century Celebrity," Janine Barchas and Lisa Moore Southwestern University Postdoctoral Fellowship  
Matt King "Identification beyond the Symbolic Frame: Don DeLillo, David Foster Wallace, and the Rhetorical Logics of Objects," Brian Bremen and Jeffrey Walker St. Bonaventure Assistant Professor  
Sean McCarthy "Relational Reinvention: Writing, Engagement, and Mapping as Wicked Response," Margaret Syverson James Madison University Assistant Professor  
Susan Mendelsohn "Rhetorical Possibilities: Reimagining Multiliteracy Work in Writing Careers," Lester Faigley and Joan Mullin Columbia University Writing Center Director  
Matthew Reilly "Pope's Double Mistress: Oriental Philosophy and the Scriblerian Dialectic," Lance Bertelsen UT-Austin Lecturer  
Anna Stewart "Beyond Obsolescence: The Reconstruction of Abolitionist Texts," Coleman Hutchison and Michael Winship Valparaiso University Postdoctoral Fellowship  
Alberto Varon "Enacting Citizenship: A Literary Genealogy of Mexican American Manhood, 1848-1959," Gretchen Murphy and John Gonzalez Indiana University Assistant Professor  
Aaron Zacks "Publishing Short Stories: British Modern Fiction and the Literary Marketplace," Michael Winship University of Texas at Austin Lecturer  

Spring 2012

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Kirby Brown "Stoking the Fire: Nationhood in Early Twentieth-Century Cherokee Writing," James Cox. University of Oregon, Portland Assistant Professor  
Jean Cannon "Neither Poppy nor Mandragora: The Memorialization of Grief and Grievance in the British Literature of the Great War," Alan Friedman. University of Texas at Austin Literary Collections Research Associate  
Lydia French "Sonic Gentitud: Literary Migrations of the Listening Citizen," Domino Perez. Houston Community College Assistant Professor  
Melanie Haupt "Starting from Scratch: Community, Connection, and Women's Culinary Culture," Domino Perez.  
Jason Leubner "Renaissance Lyric, Architectural Poetics, and the Monuments of English Verse," Wayne Rebhorn and Frank Whigham.  
Kevin Psonak "The Long Line of the Middle English Alliterative Revival: Rhythmically Coherent, Metrically Strict, Phonologically English." Thomas Cable. Georgia Southern University Lecturer  
Laura Ashley Squires "Religious Healing in the Progressive Era: Literary Responses to Christian Science," Phillip Barrish and Brian Bremen. New Economic School, Moscow Lecturer

Fall 2011

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Brad Irish "Powerful Feelings: Emotional Practices of the Tudor Court in Early Modern Culture," Frank Whigham. Arizona State University Assistant Professor
Tyler Mabry "Seizing the Laurels: Nineteenth-Century African-American Poetic Performance," Martin Kevorkian and Helena Woodard. Austin Community College Adjunct Professor
Noah Mass "An Angle of Vision: American Southern Cosmopolitanism 1935-1974," Coleman Hutchison and Jose Limon. Georgia Tech Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Summer 2011

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Patricia Burns

"Testing the Seams of the American Dream: Minority Literature and Film in the Early Cold War," Brian Bremen.

Tulane University Post-Doctoral Fellowship  
Molly Hardy

"Imperial Authorship and Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic Literary Production," Matthew Cohen and Lisa Moore.

Southwestern University Post-Doctoral Fellowship  
Philip Leigh

"A Game of Confidence: Literary Dialect, Linguistics, and Authenticity," Phillip Barrish.

Kaohsiung High School, Taiwan IB English teacher  
Justin Tremel

"Tradition and the Individual Talents: Dylan, Eliot, and DeLillo," Brian Bremen.

University of Texas at Austin Lecturer  

Spring 2011

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Catherine Bacon "Beyond Sexual Satisfaction: Pleasure and Autonomy in Women's Inter-War Novels in England and Ireland," Elizabeth Cullingford and Lisa Moore. St. Edwards University Assistant Professor  
Katharine Beutner "Writing for Pleasure or Necessity: Conflict among Literary Women, 1700-1750," Lance Bertelsen. University of Hawaii Assistant Professor  
Olga Herrera "City of Myth, Muscle, and Mexicans: Work, Race, and Space in Twentieth-Century Chicago Literature," Jose Limon. University of St. Thomas Assistant Professor  
Crystal Kurzen '"Choosing Our Own Metaphors": Genre and Method in Contemporary Chicana/o Life Narratives,' Domino Perez. Washington College Post-Doctoral Fellowship   
Jonathan Lamb "Shakespeare's Writing Practice: 'Literary' Shakespeare and the Work of Form," Douglas Bruster and Wayne Rebhorn. University of Kansas Assistant Professor  
Tera Maxwell "Imperial Remains: Memories of the United States' Occupation in the Philippines," Ann Cvetkovich and Kimberly Alidio.    
Jasmine Mulliken "From Disentangling the Subtle Soul" to "Ineluctable Modality": James Joyce's Transmodal Techniques," Alan Friedman Oklahoma State University Visiting Assistant Professor
Dale Smith "Rhetoric and Public Action in Poetry after 1960," Jeffrey Walker. Ryerson University Assistant Professor  

Fall 2010

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Hyojin Han "Sacred Bodies, Profaned Bodies: Psychology, Politics, and Sex in the Literatures of Sri Lankan Conflict," Hannah Wojciehowski. 
John Jones "Embodied Rhetoric: Memory and Delivery in Networked Writing," Margaret Syverson West Virginia University Assistant Professor
Jessica Kilgore "Benevolent Failures: The Econommics of Philantropy in Victorian Literature," Carol MacKay and Elizabeth Hedrick.  University of Texas at Austin Lecturer
Paul Neimann "Mechanical Operations of the Spirit: The Protestant Object in Swift and Defoe," Katherine Arens and Lance Bertelsen. Fordham University Adjunct Professor
Kathryn Hamilton Warren "American Callings: Humanitarian Selfhood in American Literature from Reconstruction to the American Century," Gretchen Murphy and Phillip Barrish. University of Texas at Arlington Senior Lecturer

Summer 2010

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Ingrid Devilliers "Victorian Commodities: Reading Serial Novels with their Advertising Supplements," Carol MacKay. 
Katherine Young Evans "Staged Encounters: Native American Performance Between 1880 and 1920," James Cox Westminster College Assistant Professor
Brooke Hunter "Chaucer's Poetry and the New Boethianism," Elizabeth Scala, Marjorie Woods Villanova University Assistant Professor
James Jesson "Radio Texts: The Broadcast Drama of Orson Welles, Dylan Thomas, Samuel Beckett, and Tom Stoppard," Alan Friedman La Salle University Assistant Professor
Mary Amanda Moulder ""[T]hey Ought To Mind What a Woman Says": Early Cherokee Women's Rhetorical Traditions and Rhetorical Education," Patricia Roberts-Miller, James Cox St. John's University, New York Assistant Professor
Laura Smith "After Rupture: Innovative Identities and the Formalist Poetry of Akilah Oliver, Sharon Bridgforth, and Alice Notley," Meta Jones, Lisa Moore Stevenson University Assistant Professor

Spring 2010

Ph.D. graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Jill Anderson "Re-Reading the American Renaissance in New England and in Mexico City," Evan Carton, Philip Barrish Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México Postdoc  
Teresa Jackqueline Cuevas "To(o) Queer the Chican@s: Disrupting Genders in the Post-Borderlands," Ann Cvetkovich, Domino Perez Syracuse University Assistant Professor
Gregory Foran ""King Hereafter": MacBeth and Apocalypse in the Stuart Discourse of Sovereignity," John Rumrich Nazareth College Assistant Professor
Erin Hurt "Selling Sisterhood: A Study of Contemporary Feminist Literatures, Communities, and Markets," Ann Cvetkovich, Domino Perez West Chester University Assistant Professor
Mary Elizabeth Jones-Dilworth "The Role of the Poet: Poetry Performance at the Beginning of the Twenty-First Century," Thomas Cable Jones-Dilworth Inc. VP  of Operations
Nathan Krueter "Rhetorical Intelligence: The Role of Rhetoric in the U.S. Intelligence Community," Jeffrey Walker, Patricia Roberts-Miller Western Carolina University Assistant Professor
Miriam Murtuza ""Play Up, Play Up, and Play the Game": Public Schools and Imperialism in British and South Asian Diasporic Literature," Barbara Harlow, Mia Carter St. Stephen's School, Austin Instructor
Amy Root "Inventing the Borzoi: Alfred and Blanche Knopf and the Rhetoric of Prestige in Modern American Book Publishing, 1915-1929," Michael Winship Concordia University, Austin Assistant Professor, Chair
Timothy Turner "Torture and the Drama of Emergency: Kyd, Marlowe, Shakespeare," Jacqueline Henkel, Frank Whigham University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Assistant Professor
Caroline Wigginton "Imagined Intimacies: Women's Writing, Community, and Affiliation in Eighteenth-Century North America," William Scheick, Lisa Moore University of Mississippi Assistant Professor

Fall 2009

PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Erin Boade

The Limits of Civility in the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements: Three African-American Women's Autobiographies," Patricia Roberts-Miller

Drew University Visiting Assistant Professor  
Allison Layne Craig ""Quality is Everything": Rhetoric of the Transatlantic Birth Control Movement in Interwar Women's Literature of England, Ireland and the United States," Elizabeth Cullingford, Lisa Moore Texas Christian University Lecturer  
Suzanne Penuel "Generative Metaphor: Filiation and the Disembodied Father in Shakespeare and Jonson," Douglas Bruster University of South Carolina-Lancaster Assistant Professor  
William Joseph Taylor

"That Country Beyond the Humber': The English North, Regionalism, and the Negotiation of Nation in Medieval English Literature," Daniel Birkholz, Elizabeth Scala

University of Alabama in Huntsville Assistant Professor  

Summer 2009

PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Rachel Hertz Cobb "Marking Time: Temporality and Victorian Narrative Poetics," Lance Bertelsen, Adam Newton      
William Rodney Herring "Manners of Speaking: Linguistic Capital and the Rhetoric of Correctness in Late-Nineteenth-Century America," Patricia Roberts-Miller University of Colorado-Denver Assistant Professor  
Elisabeth McKetta "Asympotic Autobiography: Fairy Tales as Narrative Map in the Writing of Zelda Fitzgerald," Carol MacKay, Martin Kevorkian St. Stephen's School, Austin Instructor  
Arlen Nydam "Speaking Pictures: The Sacramental Vision of Philip Sidney," Hannah Wojciehowski, M. Kate Frost Texas Lutheran Lecturer  
Rebecca Wilcox "Cultures of Conquest: Romancing the East in Medieval England and France," Geraldine Heng, Daniel Birkholz West Texas A&M University Assistant Professor link

Spring 2009

PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
James Brown "Hospitable Texts," Diane Davis University of Wisconsin-Madison Assistant Professor  
Lena Khor "Human Rights Discourses on a Global Network: Rhetorical Acts and Network Actors from Humanitarian NGOs, Conflict Sites, and the Fiction Market," Patricia Roberts-Miller, Katherine Arens Lawrence University Assistant Professor  
Michelle Lee "Renovating the Closet: Nineteenth-Century Drama Written by Women as a Stage for Social Critique," Carol MacKay, Lisa Moore Daytona State College Assistant Professor  
Tracey Watts "A Jungle of Anxious Desires: Representing New Orleans, 1880-2005," Mia Carter, Brian Bremen Loyola University, New Orleans Assistant Professor  
Ivan Wolfe "Arguing in Utopia: Edward Bellamy, Nineteenth Century Utopian Fiction, and American Rhetorical Culture," Jeffrey Walker Kenai Peninsula College Instructor  

Fall 2008

PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
 Sylvia Gale "Resisting Functional-Critical Divides: Literacy Education at Moor's Indian Charity School and Tuskegee Institute," Linda Ferreira-Buckley University of Richmond, Bonner Center for Civic Engagement Associate Director  
Lee Anne Gallaway-Mitchell "Words Survive: Death and Dying in Women's Letters", Carol MacKay, Samuel Baker Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Adjunct Assistant Professor  
 Amara Graf "Literary Translations: Telenovelas in Contemporary Chicana/o Literature," Domino Perez SUNY Old Westbury Assistant Professor  

Spring-Summer 2008

PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Olin Bjork "Interfacing Milton: The Supplementation of Paradise Lost," John Rumrich University of Houston Assistant Professor  
Christopher Chung "'Almost Unnameable': Suicide in the Modernist Novel," Alan Friedman University of Texas Press    
Zachary Dobbins "Rhetoric's Emphathy: Deliberation, Narrative Imagination, and the Democratic Hope of Inquiry," Patricia Roberts-Miller Eckerd College Assistant Professor  
Douglas Eskew "Shakespeare on the Verge: Rhetoric, Tragedy, and the Paradox of Place," Wayne Rebhorn, Frank Whigham Colorado State University- Pueblo Assistant Professor profile
Joseph Moser "Patriarchs, Pugilists, and Peacemakers: Interrogating Masculinity in Irish Film," Elizabeth Cullingford, Neville Hoad Fitchburg State College Assistant Professor
Mitchell Harris ""Rise to Thought": Augustinian Ethics in Donne, Shakespeare, and Milton," Dolora Chapelle-Wojciehowski, Marjorie Woods Augustana College Assistant Professor profile
Paul Minifee "Roots of Black Rhetoric: African Methodist Episcopal Zion's Pioneering Preacher-Politicians," Linda Ferreira-Buckley, Joanna Brooks San Diego State University Assistant Professor profile
Miriam Schacht "Rootedness and Migration in Indigenous Literatures," James Cox and Barbara Harlow. University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh Assistant Professor profile
Dan Seward "Civic Voice in Elizabethan Parliament Oratory: The Rhetoric and Composition of Speeches Delivered at Westminster in 1566," Marjorie Woods, Linda Ferreira-Buckley Franklin University Assistant Professor
Sara Sliter-Hays "Narratives and Rhetoric: Persuasion in Doctors' Writings about the Summer Complaint, 1883-1939; Patricia Roberts-Miller Texas Lutheran University Assistant Professor  


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Lisa Avery "Vulnerable London: Narratives of Space and Affect in a Twentieth-Century Imperial Capital," Ann Cvetkovich, Alan Friedman University of California, Santa Barbara lecturer  profile
Kristin Cole "Rum, Ram, Ruf, and Rym: Middle English Alliterative Measures," Thomas Cable Penn State York assistant professor  
Jeffrey Howard "Heretical Reading: Freedom as Question and Process in the Postmodern American Novel and Technological Pedagogy," Anthony Hilfer Dakota State University assistant professor  
Colleen Hynes ""Strangers in the House": Twentieth-Century Revisions of Irish Literary and Cultural Identity," Elizabeth Cullingford, Barbara Harlow St. Stephen's School instructor profile
Thomas Nelson ""A" is for Archive": A Case Study in the American Long Poem. Brian Bremen and Kurt Heinzelman Virginia Commonwealth lecturer  
Alison Perry "Jay-walking in the City: Violence against Women, Urban Space, and Pedestrian Acts of Resistance," Ann Cvetkovich, Mia Carter Hofstra University assistant professor  
Virginia Raymond "Mexican Americans Write Toward Justice in Texas, 1973-1982," Brian Bremen UT-Austin/ Texas After Violence  lecturer/ director  
Jacqueline Kay Thomas "Aphrodite Unshamed: James Joyce's Romantic Aesthetics of Feminine Flow," Charles Rossman and Lisa Moore University of Texas at Austin Technical Writer/Editor  


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Susan Briante "American Ruins: Nostaglia, Amnesia, and Blitzkrieg Bop," Ann Cvetkovich University of Texas at Dallas Assistant Professor profile
Matthew Dolloff "Meditating the Muse: Milton and the Metamorphoses of Urania," John Rumrich Georgia Perimeter College Assistant Professor  
Kyle Edwards "Corporate Fictions: Film Adaptation and Authorship in the Classical Hollywood Era," Thomas Schatz and Eric Mallin Oakland University Assistant Professor profile
Jodi Egerton "'Kush Mir in Tokhes!': Humor and Hollywood in Holocaust Films of the 1990s," Ann Cvetkovich and Mia Carter St. Edwards University Assistant Professor profile
Jan Fernheimer "The Rhetoric of Black Jewish Identity Construction in America and Israel: 1964-1972," Linda Ferreira-Buckley and Patricia Roberts-Miller University of Kentucky Assistant Professor
Kristen Hogan "Reading at Feminist Bookstores: Women's Literature, Women's Studies, and the Feminist Bookstore Network," Ann Cvetkovich University of Texas at Austin Lecturer, Project Director
Veronica House "Backward to Your Sources, Sacred Rivers: A Transatlantic Feminist Tradition of Mythic Revision," Elizabeth Cullingford and Lesley Dean-Jones University of Colorado, Boulder Lecturer dept
Leigh Hunt "Victorian Passion to Modern Phenomenon: A Literary and Rhetorical Analysis of Two Hundred Years of Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Making," Jerome Bump      
Aimee Kendall "The Meaning of Computer Simulations: Rhetorical Analyses of Ad Hoc Programming," John Slatin University of Houston, Downtown Assistant Professor profile
Cathryn Meyer "Producing the Middle English Corpus: Confession and Medieval Bodies," Elizabeth Scala and Marjorie Woods Luther College Visiting Asst Professor dept
Alba Newmann "'Language is not a Vague Province': Mapping and Twentieth-Century American Poetry," Thomas Cable and Wayne Lesser Willamette University Writing Ctr Dir, Asst Prof
Laura Padilla "Land of Enchantment, Land of Mi Chante: Four Arguments in New Mexican Literature," José Límon Colorado College Riley Fellow/ Assistant Professor profile
Judith Rosenberg "The Rhetoric of Globalization: Can the Maquiladora Worker Speak?," Linda Ferreira-Buckley      
Leona Rumbarger "We Moderns: Women Modernists' Writing on War and Home," Alan Friedman Vassar College Writing
Center Director/ Visiting Asst Prof
Eliana Schonberg "'Shadow Cast by Words': Anne Teyssiera's Golem, A Critical Edition," Elizabeth Richmond-Garza and Elizabeth Cullingford University of Denver Writing Center Director profile
John Pedro Schwarz "Between the Muses and the Mausoleum: Museums, Modernism, and Modernity," Alan Friedman American University of Beirut Assistant Professor profile
James Warren "Library Knowledge in the Reader: English Professors Processing Poetry and Constructing Arguments," Davida Charney University of Texas at Arlington Assistant Professor  
Jennifer Williams "Black Morning: Readings of Loss , Desire, and Racial Identification," Ann Cvetkovich and Helena Woodard. Michigan State University Assistant Professor profile
William Wolff "Faculty Learning Communities: Cultivating Innovation in Educational Technology Support Organizations," Margaret Syverson Rowan University Assistant Professor dept


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Alexandra Barron "Postcolonial Unions: The Queer National Romance in Film and Literature," Lisa Moore St. Edward's University Assistant Professor  
Carol Blosser "Making "English Eloquence:" Tottel's Miscellany and the English Renaissance," Frank Whigham Regents School of Austin English Instructor  
Robert Brown "The Rhetoric of Self-Promotion in Personal Statements," Lester Faigley Temple University Instructor  
Victoria Davis "Restating a Parochial Vision: A Reconsideration of Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O'Brien, and Brendan Behan," Charles Rossman University of Texas Press Senior Manuscript Editor  
Jennifer Edbauer "Everyday Intensities: Rhetorical Theory, Composition Studies, and the Affective Field of Culture," Diane Davis University of Missouri Assistant Professor profile
Jeffrey Jaeckle "Reading the Reiterative: Concordance Mapping and the American Novel," Martin Kevorkian Michigan State University Visiting Assistant Professor profile
John Kinkade "Samuel Johnson's Rambler and the Invention of Self-Help Literature," Elizabeth Hedrick Centre College Assistant Professor profile
Lynn Makau "Milk Matters: Contemporary Representations of Property, Breast-Giving, and the Self," Ann Cvetkovich Michigan State University Assistant Professor profile
Casey McKittrick "Juvenile Desires: The Child as Subject, Object, and mise-en-scene in Contemporary American Culture," Ann Cvetkovich, Janet Steiger Western Michigan University Associate Professor
Todd Onderdonk "I, Modernist: Male Feminization and the Self-Construction of Authorship in the Modern American Novel," Phillip Barrish St. Edwards's University Assistant Professor  
Vimala Pasupathi "Playing Soldiers: Martial Subjects in Early Modern English Drama, 1590-1660," Frank Whigham Hofstra University Associate Professor profile
Iris Ralph "An Ecocritical Study of William Carlos Williams, James Agee, and Stephen Crane by Way of the Visual Arts," Tamkang University Assistant Professor  
Ashley Shannon "Romantic Peripheries: The National Subject and the Colonial Bildungsroman in Edgeworth, Scott, Child and Hogg," Lisa Moore Grand Valley State University Associate Professor profile
Marcela Sulak "Ligatures of Time and Space: 1920s New York as a Construction Site for Modernist "American" Narrative Poetry," Adam Newton, Elizabeth Cullingford Bar Ilan University Program Director, Senior Lecturer profile
Paul Sullivan "Ludi Magister: The Play of Tudor School and Stage," Wayne Rebhorn, Frank Whigham University of Texas at Austin Associate Director dept
Melanie Ulrich "Victoria's Feminist Legacy: How Nineteenth-Century Women Imagined the Queen," Carol MacKay  Texas Education Agency Technical Writer  
George Waddington "'Something More than Fantasy: Fathering Postcolonial Identities through Shakespeare," Eric Mallin      


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
David Barndollar "The Poetics of Complexity and the Modern Long Poem," Adam Newton The Potomac School Instructor profile
Beauty Bragg "The Body in the Text: Female Engagements with Black Identity," Helena Woodard Georgia College and State University Associate Professor dept
Peter Caster "The Language of the Prison House: Incarceration, Race, and Masculinity in Twentieth-Century Literature," Evan Carton University of South Carolina Upstate Dept. Chair and Associate Professor profile
Jason Craft "Fiction Networks: The Emergence of Proprietary, Persistent, Large-Scale Popular Fictions," John Slatin, Adam Newton Pearson Education Senior Software Developer  
Ellen Crowell "Aristocratic Drag: The Dandy in Irish and Southern Fiction," Elizabeth Cullingford, Warwick Wadlington Saint Louis University Associate Professor profile
Eve Dunbar "The Crossroads of Race: Racial Passing, Profiling, and Legal Mobility in Twentieth-Century American Literature and Culture," Helena Woodard, Barbara Harlow Vassar College Assistant Professor profile
Traci Freeman "The Ethics of Representation and Response in Contemporary American Women's Autobiographical Writing," Jacqueline Henkel University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Writing Center Director dept
Jeanette Herman "Empire's Bodies: Images of Suffering in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century India and Ireland," Lisa Moore, Mia Carter University of Texas at Austin Assistant Dean, Lecturer dept
Wendy Lym "Interacting with King Lear- An Online Resource for Instructors of English Literature Survey Courses," Eric Mallin Austin Community College Associate Professor dept
Christopher Pearce "Terms of Corruption: Samuel Johnson's Dictionary in its Context," Elizabeth Hedrick, Sara Kimball Boston University Assistant Professor profile
Stacey Peebles ""There it is": Writing Violence in Three Modern American Combat Novels," Wayne Lesser Centre College Assistant Professor  
Julie Sievers "Evidence of Wonders: Writing American Identity in the Early Modern Transatlantic World," William Scheick, Katherine Arens St. Edward's University Center Director/Asst Professor  
Andrew Strycharski ""Stronge and Tough Studie": Humanism, Education, and Masculinity in Renaissance England," John Rumrich Florida International University Assistant Professor  


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Juan Alonzo "Derision and Desire: The Ambivalence of Mexican Identity in American Literature and Film," Jose Limon Texas A&M University Associate Professor profile
Jonathan Ayres "Foucault's Asceticism and the Subject of AIDS," Ann Cvetkovich American College of Sofia Chair dept
William Burchenal "Neo-Appreciation Pedagogy: The Pragmatics of Reading Aesthetic Affect in the Undergraduate Classroom," Evan Carton University of Texas at San Antonio Lecturer dept
Darren Cambridge "Techne in Action Online: Rhetoric and the Webcenter," Margaret Syverson New Century College Assistant Professor profile
Elizabeth Dell "When Mammy left Missus: The Southern Lady in the House Divided," Carol MacKay Baylor University Lecturer/Acad Advisor profile
David Gold "Never Mind What Harvard Thinks: Alternative Sites of Rhetorical Instruction in American Colleges, 1873-1947," Linda Ferreira-Buckley University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Associate Professor profile
Alyssa Harad "Ordinary Witnesses," Ann Cvetkovich University of Texas at Austin Research Associate profile
Adam Knowles "Memories of England: British Identity and the Rhetoric or Decline in Postwar British Drama, 1956-1982," Elizabeth Cullingford   Information Science  
Peter Larkin "Translations of Empire and Identity in De Ortu Waluuanii: a Commentary upon the Text with a Translation and Substantial Introduction," Marjorie Woods Houston Independent Scholar  
Julia Lock "Waltz across Texas: Literary and Cinematic Articulations of Texas Country Music and Dance Culture," Jose Limon St. Edward's University Assistant Professor dept
Eric Lupfer "Houghton, Mifflin & Co. and the Emergence of American Nature Writing," Michael Winship Texas Council for the Humanities Director of Grants and Education dept
Lynda Nuss "The Politics of Presence: Stagecraft and the Power of the Body in the Romantic Imagination," Kurt Heinzelman University of Texas Panamerican Assistant Professor profile
Susan Somers-Willett "Authenticating Voices: Performance, Black Identity, and Slam Poetry," Kurt Heinzelman Montclair State University
Assistant Professor  
Malfalda Stasi ""Turning It into a Proper Business": The Fate of Complexity in Distance Learning Corporate Discourse," John Slatin, Margaret Syverson Coventry University (UK) Senior Lecturer  
Chris Strickling "Re/presenting the Self: Autobiographical Performance by People with Disability," Ann Cvetkovich University of Texas at Austin Research Associate profile
Lynda Walsh "The Rhetoric of the Scientific Media Hoax: Humanist Interventions in the Popularization of Nineteenth-Century Science," Davida Charney University of Nevada at Reno Associate Professor profile
Laura Wilder "Critics, Classrooms, and Commonplaces: Literary Studies as a Disciplinary Discourse Community," Davida Charney SUNY-Albany Associate Professor profile


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Sharan Daniel "Rhetoric and journalism as common arts of public discourse: A Theoretical, historical, and critical perspective," Rosa Eberly Stanford University Media and Publication Dir. profile
Glenn Davis "Perception and anxiety in Old English poetry," Mary Blockley Saint Cloud State University Assistant professor dept
Shannon Dobranski "Absent fathers in Shakespeare's middle comedies," Eric Mallin Georgia Tech Acad Professional Undergrad Coord. dept
Rebecca Dyer "London via the Caribbean: migration narratives and the city in postwar British fiction," Barbara Harlow Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Associate Professor profile
Julia Garbus "Service and learning at the turn of two centuries: lessons from Vida Scudder," Linda Ferreira-Buckley University of Northern Colorado asst prof, coord of writ ctr dept
Lois Kim "Staging childhood and youth in early modern drama," Frank Whigham University of Texas at Austin Senior Program Coordinator dept
Christopher LeCluyse "Sacred bilingualism: code switching in medieval English verse," Mary Blockley Westminister College Assistant Professor profile
Daniella Mallinick "Unconventional views: the revolutionary work of the Romantic sublime," Andrew Cooper Universityof Missouri- Kansas City Assistant Professor profile
Arthur Vanderveen "Other minds other worlds: pragmatism, hermeneutics, and constructive modernism, 1890-1942," Philip Barrish, Warwick Wadlington The College Board Senior Director  
Sarah Wakefield "Folklore-naming and folklore-narrative in British women's fiction, 1750-1890," Carol MacKay Prairie View A&M Assistant Professor profile
Vincent Woodard "The Shapeshifter figure: A new cartography of sex and gender formation within radical black antebellum culture," Helena Woodard Vincent Woodard passed away in 2008 as an Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder.


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Richard Burniske "Fostering exploratory discourse in global, telecollaborative learning projects," Lester Faigley Richard Burniske passed away in 2006 as an Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.
Gregory Chaplin "Milton and the end of Renaissance friendship," John Rumrich Bridgewater State University Associate Professor profile
Brenda Dillard "A Sample of technical writing from Trinity College, Cambridge MS and its relation to Chancery Standard English," Ernest Kaulbach Brazosport College Associate Professor profile
Fran Hawener Cook "Diverse measures, diversely trod: Reading Sir John Davies' Orchestra in the Renaissance and beyond," Michael Winship      
Samuel Kinch "Quantum mechanics and modern fiction," Alan Friedman Montgomery Bell Academy English Teacher profile
Natasha Morgan-Sinutko "Passing on the melting pot: resistance to Americanization in the work of Gertrude Stein, Alice Corbin Henderson and William Carlos Williams," Mia Carter, Brian Bremen Freescale Semiconductor Marketing Communications Manager  
Katherine Oldmixon "Otherworlds/otherness: the cultural politics of exoticism in the Middle English "Breton" lays," Geraldine Heng, Thomas Cable Huston-Tillotson University Associate Professor/Writing Center Director  
Andrew Osborn "Admit impediment: the use of difficulty in twentieth-century American poetry," Kurt Heinzelman University of Dallas
Associate Professor profile
Susanne Paterson "Exchanging blows and courtesies: status and conduct in Bonduca, a king and no king, and the nice valour," Frank Whigham University of New Hampshire at Manchester Assistant Professor dept
D'Arcy Randall ""Adam and his mother": Maternal performance in late twentieth-century American women's poetry," Elizabeth Cullingford, Betty Sue Flowers University of Texas at Austin Lecturer profile
Morri Safran ""Unsex'd" texts: history, hypertext and Romantic women writers," Kurt Heinzelman, Theresa Kelley      
Sandra Soto "Sexing Aztlan: Subjectivity, desire, and the challenge of racialized sexuality in Chicana/o literature," Ann Cvetkovich, Jose Limon University of Arizona Associate Professor profile
Felicia Jean Steele "Aelfric's Catholic homilies: Discourse and the construction of authority," Mary Blockley The College of New Jersey assistant professor profile
Stanwood Walker "The Classical-historical novel in nineteenth-century Britain," John Farrell Manhattan College Visiting Asst Prof dept
Joanna Wolfe "Pedagogical uses of annotations and annotation technologies," Davida Charney Carnegie Mellon University Teaching Professor and Director profile


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Michael Chorost "Designing online environments to facilitate classroom management and student collaborative work," John Slatin   Independent Scholar profile
George Christian "The friendly companion: toward a comic poetics in the nineteenth-century English novel," John Farrell University of Texas at Austin Adjunct Professor profile
Jean Lee Cole "Winnifred Eaton: guided by voices," Michael Winship Loyola College in Maryland Assistant Professor profile
Michael Erard "Inscribing language: Writing and scientific representation in American linguistics," Jacqueline Henkel   Writer and Editor profile
Paul Gleason "The Artist-hero novels of D.H. Lawrence, James Joyce, and Samuel Beckett and the transformation of aesthetic philosophy," Charles Rossman Cardinal Stritch University Assistant Professor profile
Matthew Goldstein "Theosophy, culture, and empire," Barbara Harlow, Elizabeth Cullingford Laney College   profile
Mary Grover "Fleshing out the Victorian public sphere of letters," Adam Newton, Carol MacKay Wheelock College Writing Prog Coordinator profile
Robert Hornback "After carnival: normative comedy and the everyday in Shakespeare's England," Elizabeth Richmond-Garza Oglethorpe University Associate Professor profile
Laura Issen "Expressions of socioeconomic and cultural complexities in works by Derek Wolcott, Jamaica Kincaid, and Michelle Cliff," Bernth Lindfors St. Michael's Academy English Teacher  
Jeff Jackanicz "Three gay New Yorks: the city as heuristic in the poetry of Allen Ginsberg, James Merrill, and Mark Doty," Kurt Heinzelman University of California, Berkeley Associate Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations  
Johnny Lorenz "Haunted cartographies: ghostly figures and contemporary epic in the Americas," Lisa Sanchez-Gonzalez Montclair State University Associate Professor profile
Jennifer Mason "Civilized creatures: animality, cultural power, and American literature, 1850-1901," Evan Carton      
Jeanne McCarthy "The children's companies: Elizabethan aesthetics and Jacobean reactions," Wayne Rebhorn Oglethorpe University Visiting Assistant Professor profile
Thomas McGlamery "Writing one's age: protest and the body in Melville, Dos Passos, and Hurston," Warwick Wadlington University of Wisconsin, Madison Associate Faculty Associate profile
Kazel Morgan "Not a ghost: liminal female identity and American women's supernatural fiction, 1870-1902," William Scheick Austin Community College    
Sri Mukherjee "Truncated transgressions: fictions of female authorship by British women writers of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries," Elizabeth Cullingford, Carol MacKay Duke University Mellon Lecturing Fellow profile
John-Michael Rivera "Embodying the public sphere: the Mexican question and elite Mexican American literary and political culture at the turn of the century," Jose Limon University of Colorado at Boulder Assc. Prof, Assc Chair and Dir.Undergrad. Studies profile
Lynn Rudloff "The West that ever was: the argument with cultural gender expectations in Larry McMurtry's Old West novels," Linda Ferreira-Buckley, Betty Sue Flowers St. Edward's University Assistant Professor profile
Paige Schilt "Fables of authority: ethics, power, and authenticity in contemporary documentary film," Mia Carter, Ann Cvetkovich Southwestern University Interim Assistant Dean, Lecturer  
Susan Schorn ""The merciful construction of good women": actresses in the marriage-plot novel," Carol MacKay University of Texas at Austin Program Coordinator  
Ioannis Vassiliou "Fictions of the middling sort: the myth of the middle class in early modern England," Wayne Rebhorn San Antonio College   profile
Kathleen Vejvoda "The dialectic of idolatry: Roman Catholicism and the Victorian heroine," Carol MacKay Bridgewater State University Associate Professor profile


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Gregory Barnhisel "New directions press and Ezra Pound's literary reputation," Michael Winship, Brian Bremen Duquense University Assoc. Prof, Dir 1st Yr Writing profile
Bret Benjamin "Documenting development: stories of sanitation, population, and information technologies," Barbara Harlow SUNY-Albany Assoc. Prof., Grad. Stud. Dir. profile
Katherine Henninger "Ordering the facade: photography and the politics of represenation in contemporary southern women's fiction," Ann Cvetkovich, Warwick Wadlington Louisiana State University Associate Professor dept
Julie Hudson "Family and national narratives in Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and Beloved and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude and The Autumn of the Patriarch," Helena Woodard Huston-Tillotson University Assistant Professor  
Joseph McNicholas "Corporate culture and the American novel: producers, persuaders, and communicators," Evan Carton Loyola Marymount University Director, Office for Research and Sponsored Projects  dept
Kathryn Sampson "The Romantic literary pilgrimage to the Orient: Byron, Scott, and Burton," Elizabeth Fernea, Andrew Cooper      
Gina Siesing "Fictional democracies: the formation of lesbian-feminist literary publics," Ann Cvetkovich Tufts University Associate Director profile
Jenneken Van Keppel ""To kiss the civil text of women's lips": social contracts and marriage contracts in eighteenth-century prose," Sue Heinzelman, Lance Bertelsen St. Stephen's Episcopal School English Instructor dept
Ray Watkins "The inexorable sadness of pencils: English language education and class in the American century," John Slatin, Margaret Syverson Eastern Illinois University Assistant Professor dept


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Jennifer Bean "Bodies in shock: gender, genre and cinema of modernity," Ann Cvetkovich, Sabrina Barton University of Washington Associate Professor profile
George Boulukos "The grateful slave: representations of slave plantation reform in the British novel, 1720-1805," Lisa Moore, Lance Bertelsen Southern Illinois University Associate Professor profile
Scarlet Bowen "The labor of femininity: working women in eighteenth-century British prose," Lisa Moore, Lance Bertelsen University of Colorado at Boulder Assistant Professor profile
Tonya Browning "The virtual palimpsest: the importance of hypermedia design for English studies," John Slatin Visa Group Director profile
Stephanie Buchanan "Counter-statements: modernist aesthetics and social change," Brian Breman      
Sheila Contreras "Blood lines: modernism, indigenismo and the construction of Chicana/o identity," Jose Limon Michigan State University Associate Professor profile
Tamara Fish "Feminist traces: women and feminism in college composition and communication, 1963-1992," Lester Faigley University of Houston Associate Professor profile
Susan Harris "Bodies and blood: gender and sacrifice in modern Irish drama," Barbara Harlow, Elizabeth Cullingford University of Notre Dame Associate Professor profile
Mary Harvan Gorgette "Writing resistance: representation of Ken Saro-wiwa and narratives of the Ogoni movement in Nigeria," Barbara Harlow, Bernth Lindfors University of Dayton Paris Programme
Instructor dept
Edward Hudson "From nowhere to everywhere: suburban discourse and the suburb in North American literature," Evan Carton, Anthony Hilfer Saint Mary-of-the-Woods-College Asst Prof, Writing Director  
Adam Kohlhepp ""Tis nature's law to change": the Earl of Rochester in the hands of his readers," James Garrison The Berkshire School Department Chair profile
Luz Elena Ramirez "Empire and Americanism: British representations of Latin America," Mia Carter, Charles Rossman Cal State San Bernardino Associate Professor profile
Catherine Ross "Rivals in the public sphere: Humphry Davy and Romantic poets," Theresa Kelley, Elizabeth Hedrick University of Texas at Tyler Assoc Prof, Grad Adviser profile
JoAnne Shea "Productive waste: rhetorical economies in Thomas Middleton's city comedies," Eric Mallin, Dolora Wojciehowski University of Texas at Austin Director dept
Joseph Slaughter "Protagonizing narratives: the role of the voice in literatures of trauma and human rights," Barbara Harlow Columbia University Associate Professor profile
Jennifer Wenzel "Promised lands: J.M. Coetzee, Mahasweta Devi, and the contested geographies of South Africa and India," Barbara Harlow, Mia Carter University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Associate Professor profile
Tomoyuki Zettsu "Broken boundaries: Tennessee Williams and a poetics of American androgyny," Evan Carton Tokyo Gakugei University Associate Professor  


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
David Alvarez ""To learn how to speak with the voices of the land": rethinking resistance in South African cultural production of ther late apartheid period," Barbara Harlow, Bernth Lindfors Grand Valley State University Associate Professor profile
Virginia Anderson "Unpersuasive truths: critical theory, pedagogy, and democratic education," Lester Faigley Indiana University Southeast Assistant Professor profile
Daniel Anderson "The world wide classroom: literary hypertexts and the authority of student voices," John Slatin University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Assoc Prof, Director of Undergrad Studies profile
Jacqueline Bacon ""The humblest may stand forth": marginalized voices in abolitionist rhetoric," Linda Ferreira-Buckley San Diego Independent Scholar profile
Vik Bahl "The contemporary Indian novel in English: the middle class and dis/articulations of the nation," Ann Cvetkovich Green River Community College   profile
Betsy Burow-Flak "The new incarnation: saints, seventeenth-century English women devotional writers, and writing the textual body," Dolora Wojciehowski Valparaiso University Associate Professor profile
Jonathan Carson "Novae rediere in pristina vires: the new Augustinian poetics of Edmund Spenser," Kate Frost      
Locke Carter "Arguments in hypertext: order and structure in non-sequential essays," John Slatin Texas Tech University Associate Professor profile
Susan Jaye Dauer "Messianic elements in Piers Plowman, b-text: Piers, Messiah," Ernest Kaulbach Valencia Community College, East Associate Professor  
Chidsey Dickson "Writing and reading about social identity: first-year composition as cultural and rhetorical inquiry," Neil Nehring Lynchburg College Assistant Professor profile
Sheryl Englund ""An excellent likeness of the author": gender and personality in the nineteenth-century literary marketplace," Michael Winship Englund Literary Services Editor  
Nick Evans "A literary semiotics of jazz, 1900-1930: race, modernity and cultural nationalism," Mia Carter, Jose Limon      
Christina Friend "Public voices, private lives: reconnecting rhetorical and ethical education in the postmodern writing classroom," Lester Faigley University of South Carolina Associate Professor profile
Fredrick Hoerner "Figures bearing sway: Milton, Romanticism, and poetic transmission," Theresa Kelley, John Rumrich The Bentley School Sophomore Dean, English Teacher profile
Bryan Hopkins "The modern ascent of the soul spiritual progress in the novels of Joyce, Beckett, and Nabokov," Thomas Staley      
Kathleen Kane "To Hell or Pine Ridge: legislative, literature, and the trans-Atlantic development of the reservation," Barbara Harlow, Ann Cvetkovich University of Montana Associate Professor profile
Claire Miller-Colombo ""You all may boast the censor's art": censorship and authority in Romantic drama," Andrew Cooper, Theresa Kelley Austin Freelance Educational Writer  
Ralph Rodriguez "Chicana and Chicano fiction into the nineties: genre and contestation," Jose Limon Brown University Associate Professor profile
Albert Rouzie "At play in the fields of writing: play, technology, and communication in a university computers and writing course," John Slatin, Lester Faigley Ohio University Associate Professor profile
Dene Scoggins "Searching the stars for signs of God: divine semiotics in Dante, Rabelais, Shakespeare, and Milton," John Rumrich, Wayne Rebhorn      
Robert Sulcer "Ten percent: poetry, pathlogy, and literary study at the fin de siecle," Linda Ferreira-Buckley, Ann Cvetkovich Hofstra University Associate Professor dept
Carl Toliver "W.S. Merwin and the postmodern environment," Kurt Heinzelman Missouri Southern State University Assistant Professor profile
Kimberley VanHoosier-Carey "Not fitting the framework: gender performativity and narrative experimentation by British women writers, 1880-1930," Carol MacKay Centenary College

Asst Prof, Dir of Acad Resource Ctr for Students

Johanna Vondeling ""Shisters," fakes, and shams: modernist preoccupation with liars and lies," Mia Carter, Brian Bremen Berrett-Koehler Publishers Editorial Director dept
Susan Warshauer "The rhetoric of victimization in Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie: the development, performance and reception of Laura Wingfield's characterization," Mia Carter, James Kinneavy      
Mark Womack "Shakespearean delights: a poetics of pleasure," John Rumrich  University of Houston  Lecturer  


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Jose Barrera "From Cabeza de Vaca to Oscar Zeta Acosta: Chicano literature as mission in the American wilderness," Don Graham   Consultant  
Alice Batt "Victorian gesture: what does it signify? Or, the discourse of moving bodies in Victorian literature and culture," Linda Ferreira-Buckley, Carol MacKay University of Texas at Austin Lecturer profile
Michael Davis "The discourse of oratory: the new rhetoric and romantic writing," Linda Ferreira-Buckley, Kurt Heinzelman Blekinge Institute of Technology Assistant Professor profile
James Dillon "Educational novels, novelistic education: the case of the early republic," William Scheick      
Stephen Dobranski "The labor of book-writing: A critical and textual analysis of John Milton and the seventeenth-century book trade," John Rumrich Georgia State University Professor profile
Laura Grossenbacher "Besieged commitments: race, class, gender, and problems of collectivism in American war narratives," Wayne Lesser, Warwick Wadlington University of Wisconsin-Madison Dir of Technical Communication Program-College Engineering profile
Jennifer Huth ""For I have tools to truss": women, work, and professionalism in late medieval literature," Leah Marcus, Marjorie Woods St. Stephen's Episcopal School English instructor dept
William Jent "Contesting the ties that blind: supranational insurgency in modern Irish drama," Elizabeth Cullingford Austin High School  instructor  
Mary Lenard "Preaching pity: sentimentalism and the Victorian cultural discourse of social reform," Susan Heinzelman, Carol MacKay University of Wisconsin-Parkside Associate Professor profile
Holly McSpadden "Crossing racial borders: Nancy Cunard's political modernisms," Alan Friedman, Susan Heinzelman Missouri Southern State University Associate Professor profile
Melinda Menzer "Donatus Anglice: Aelfric's grammar and the making of the English language," Mary Blockley, Thomas Cable Furman University Associate Professor profile
Alison Regan "Promises, problems, and politics: the history of rhetoric, English studies, and writing instruction at the University of Texas at Austin, 1883-1994," Linda Ferreira-Buckley University of Utah Head, Technology Assisted Curric Ctr profile
Susan Romano "Committed to writing: a history of on-line pedagogy in early networked classrooms," Linda Ferreira-Buckley University of New Mexico Assoc Prof, Dir of Rhet-Writing profile
Beth Rothermel "Pedagogies of the multicultural: diversity and discourse education in Sweden and the United States," Susan Heinzelman, Lester Faigley Westfield State College Assoc Prof, Coord of Composition profile
Karen Steele "Rocking the cradle, rocking the system: the cultural representation of femininity in twentieth-century Ireland," Barbara Harlow, Elizabeth Cullingford Texas Christian University Associate Professor profile


PhD graduate dissertation title and director current location position link
Susan Carter "Figures of difference: the visual and femininity in Sigmund Freud and D.H. Lawrence," Alan Friedman Bowling Green State University Associate Professor profile
Catherine Eskin "From the eloquence of silence to the singular lady orator: woman's voice in English Renaissance prose romance," Wayne Rebhorn, Marjorie Woods Florida Southern College

Associate Professor

Robin Hass Birky "Naked truth, feminized language, and poetics: paradigms of feminity from the rhetoricians to Chaucer," Marjorie Woods Robin Hass Birky passed away in 2008 as an Associate Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor at Indiana University Northwest.
Christopher Holcomb "The rhetoric of humor in Elizabethan England," Wayne Rebhorn University of South Carolina Associate Professor profile
Rachel Jennings "The Union and its limits: histories, regions, and empires in the nineteenth-century British novel," Barbara Harlow, Elizabeth Cullingford University of Texas at San Antonio Lecturer  
Mary Mathis "War/narrative/identity: uses of Virginia Woolf's modernism," Jane Marcus, Thomas Staley Northampton Community College Assistant Professor profile
JoAnn Pavletich "The power of emotion: affect and literature in early twentieth-century United States culture," Brian Bremen, Jose Limon University of Houston-Downtown Assoc Prof, Director of Composition profile
Nancy Peterson "Passing as, passing through: literature-trained graduate-student writing teachers and the "we" of composition studies," Linda Ferreira-Buckley Nancy Peterson passed away in 2008 as an Associate Professor at Moorehead State University.
Esther Quantrill "Anthropological politics: poetry and British culture 1860-1914," Jane Marcus, Michael Winship Blinn College   dept
Denise Sechelski "Cultural stubble: unlicensed theatre and the negotiation of legitimacy in eighteenth-century England," Lance Bertelsen Austin Freelance Educational Writer  
Rhonda Skillern ""From the land of unlikeness": ritual and resistance in Edith Wharton's fiction," Evan Carton      
Mark Taylor "Chaucer and the dialectics of love: transformation in the literary love tradition since Marcabru," James Wimsatt, Amelia Vanvleck Berry College Associate Professor profile
Bart Z. Thornton ""Even writing was design": Don DeLillo and the construction of architectural space," Evan Carton Collegiate School, Richmond, VA Instructor  
Gregory VanHoosier-Carey ""Builded from the Ruins": Southern literary expression and the discourse of English studies, 1865-1941," Wayne Lesser, Warwick Wadlington Centenary College Associate Professor profile
Xianchun Vendler "H.D.'s feminism in evolution," Elizabeth Cullingford   Attorney  
Randi Voss ""American Women! Will you save your country?": Conduct literature, nationalism, and the domestic woman," Lester Faigley University of Texas at Austin Lecturer profile
Denise Weeks "A Documentary decade: 1930s British literature, culture, and film," Charles Rossman      
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