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Professional Skills Committee

The English Department aims to help graduate students develop the professional skills they need to navigate their graduate careers and prepare for professional placement. In addition to the skills graduate students develop through research and teaching, certain milestones—such as embarking on the prospectus or dissertation, defining one’s areas of study, or attending one’s first academic conference—are critical parts of graduate training that often require special knowledge and preparation. The Professional Skills Committee thus offers a series of panels and roundtable discussions each semester for students to engage with faculty and experienced peers on these issues.

As students move through major milestones in the graduate program, the advice of faculty mentors and experience of colleagues is invaluable. In addition to providing useful information for students, we also hope that the Professional Skills events will create a communal space that encourages the sharing of experience. Our events generally feature brief presentations from a range of faculty and students and include plenty of time for questions and discussion.  Past topics have included, Getting Published, Conferences and Professionalization, Writing the M.A. Report, Preparing for the Prospectus, Writing the Dissertation, and Organizing Your Teaching Portfolio.

We encourage you to attend Professional Skills events whenever possible so as to be able to participate in the discussions directly.  You are welcome to attend events at any stage of your graduate career in order to learn more about what lies ahead or to share your experience with younger graduate students. 

For more information:

Professional Skills blog (includes panel notes and other resources)

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