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"Envisioning Muslims: A Modern Day Perspective"

Posted: October 9, 2009


Envisioning Muslims: A Modern-Day Perspective is the work of Murray Sanders, an English major who returned to complete his BA degree after some years away from the University of Texas.  Murray created his 18-minute documentary as a class project for an upper division course, Envisioning Muslims: The Middle Ages and Today,  taught by Professor Geraldine Heng

Featured in the video are interviews with fellow English students Spencer Wall and Neeti Reddy, as well as photographs of Nueces Mosque taken by Drew Moore, also a UT Austin English student. 

One day, if he is able to find financial backing, Murray hopes to produce a full-length documentary feature on Muslims in America.


Watch the documentary below:


Envisioning Muslims: A Modern Day Perspective from UT Austin English on Vimeo.

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