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67 mogul miniatures (Autumn House Press, 2009)

Posted: November 10, 2008
"67 mogul miniatures rebuilds Persepolis—deftly, musically and with a winning clarity. " -Tom Paulin

"Great contentious pressures create these gem-like miniatures: East and West, rich and poor, fisc and spirit, landmines and butterflies, indictment and song.  They take their hexagonal shape in a landscape that spans from Gilgamesh to Karachi.  Over the humbled landscapes flies the paper kite of the great Urdu poet, Muhammad lqbal, as Raza Ali Hasan channels the high-flying intentions and grounded tensions of his mentor.  The poems are solemn and funny, a call to prayer and a call to arms.  They are smart, scathing, and demand to be read with attention and concern."  -Bruce Smith
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