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Mitchell Awards 2014

Posted: June 18, 2014

Congratulations are in order for many of our English faculty and students in the wake of the 2014 Mitchell Award announcements. 

Of the five prize-winning theses, three were directed by English faculty, and one was penned by an English major. Professor Elizabeth Richmond-Garza directed Lucy Junker's Plan II thesis on "Fooling Lear: Contemporary Performance Practices of King Lear in Moscow and London." Professor James Loehlin directed Casey Nice's Plan II thesis on "Shakespeare at Law: Legal Philosophy, Forensic Rhetoric, and Justice in Shakespeare's plays." And Professor Daniel Birkholz directed Patrick Naeve's English Honors thesis, "'To Reckon the Far-Off Origins of Men': the Historical and Geographical Poetics of Beowulf."

These three students are all alumni of the Shakespeare at Winedale program directed by Dr. Loehlin as well as UT’s Spirit of Shakespeare, led by English Professor Alan Friedman.

For more information on all of the award recipients and their thesis topics, go here.

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