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David Birdsong, Chair 201 W 21ST STREET STOP B7600, HRH 2.114A, AUSTIN, TX 78712 • 512-471-5531

Spring 2009


Unique Days Time Location Instructor
36150 TTh
9:30 AM-11:00 AM
HRH 2.106C

Course Description

This course focuses on the analysis of segmental phonology of Romance languages and dialects. It will expose students to recent developments in the phonetics of Romance and the current analytical frameworks in phonology, both in synchrony and in diachrony. Readings will be almost exclusively from primary sources. Topics investigated will include diphthongization, vowel reduction, nasalization, palatalization, but will be adapted to the interests of the students. Current frameworks will include Optimality Theory, Laboratory Phonetics and Evolutionary Phonology.

The broad purpose of this PhD seminar course is to train students to conduct research for publication and qualifying papers. Mastery of more than one Romance language is not required. The class will be taught in English.

Grading Policy

No final exam. One major research paper, and two class presentations (one on final paper, one on a different topic).


No textbook. But an extensive list of readings will be posted on Blackboard. Additional information is available from the instructor at


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