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David Birdsong, Chair 201 W 21ST STREET STOP B7600, HRH 2.114A, AUSTIN, TX 78712 • 512-471-5531

Fall 2009


Unique Days Time Location Instructor
37390 TTh
2:00 PM-3:30 PM
MEZ 1.104

Course Description

This course is the first half of a two semester sequence focused on Dante's Commedia in relation to a series of literary, intellectual, and historical contexts. These include a number of Dante's other works as well as selections from classical authors (Virgil, Ovid, Lucan, Statius, Cicero) and from other medieval poets, philosophers, and theologians. In this course we will read the Inferno, much of the Purgatorio, the Vita nuova, and sections of the Convivio and Monarchia, in addition to other primary and secondary works. We will use the Danteworlds Web site not only as a tool for studying Dante's Commedia but also as a model for bringing technology to bear on other aspects of research and teaching in medieval and literary studies.

Course Conducted in English

Guy P. Raffa, Dept. of French and Italian, HRH 3.104A; 471-6390 E-mail:; Home page:

Grading Policy

A substantial research project will account for 50% of your grade, with the remaining 50% evenly divided between class participation and response essays. These essays, treating primary and / or secondary readings, must be both descriptive and analytical. They will be used as points of departure for class discussion.


Required: Inferno (Garzanti, 2008) Purgatorio (Garzanti, 2008) Vita nuova (Garzanti, 2009) Convivio (Garzanti, 2005) Monarchy (Cambridge, 1996)

Optional: The Complete Danteworlds: A Reader's Guide to the Divine Comedy (Chicago, 2009)


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