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David Birdsong, Chair 201 W 21ST STREET STOP B7600, HRH 2.114A, AUSTIN, TX 78712 • 512-471-5531

Fall 2003


Unique Days Time Location Instructor
33285 TTh
9:30 AM-11:00 AM
HRH 2.106C

Course Description

This course will be centered on the movement from epic (chanson de geste), with its focus on martial, masculine activities, to the romance, which was conceived for a noble audience of both males and females. We will examine not only the rise of romance and its greatest practitioner,Chrétien de Troyes, but also the "epic in the age of romance" (to use the title of a recent study by Sarah Kay), to see how the development of romance caused profound changes in the epic, and in particular the role of women in them. The course will begin with the prototypical epic, La Chanson de Roland, then move to an early romance that is still "epic" in feel, the Roman de Thèbes. After studying several of Chrétien's romances, we will turn to later epics that have undergone the spell of romance: Aye d'Avignon, Berte aus grans piés, Huon de Bordeaux.

Grading Policy

There will be no final examination. Students are expected to present a substantial research paper devoted to one of the later chansons de geste influenced by romance.


Mora-Lebron, Francine (editor), Roman de Thèbes, Le, Livre de Poche,ISBN: 2-253-06387-8, required. Short, Ian (editor), Chanson de Roland, La, L ivre de Poche,ISBN: 2-253-05341-4, required. Chrétien de Troyes (editor), Erec et Enide, L ivre de Poche,ISBN: 2-253- , required. Chrétien de Troyes (editor), Chevalier de la Charrette, Le, L ivre de Poche,ISBN: 2-253-05401-1, required.


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