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David Birdsong, Chair 201 W 21ST STREET STOP B7600, HRH 2.114A, AUSTIN, TX 78712 • 512-471-5531

Faculty and Graduate Student Colloquium

Wed, March 21, 2012 • 5:00 PM • HRH 2.118


Stephanie Russo

Evidence for Evidentiality in Romance

This paper examines the grammatical category of Evidentiality and the extent to which Romance encodes source of information in its grammar. I aim to clarify some of the debate surrounding whether Romance Tense-Aspect-Mood (TAM) fully developed an evidential category by examining evidential systems and evidential strategies in Romance, specifically in French and Romanian. 

Cinzia Russi

On the relationship between sentence-focus category, subject inversion  and genericity

This paper investigates if and/or to what extent Italian sentence-focus inverted constructions involving unaccusative verbs can instantiate generic sentences. The following hypotheses are evaluated: (a) sentence-focus inverted constructions are inherently incompatible with genericity due to pragmatics (i.e. generic sentences cannot be focal); (b) the compatibility between sentence-focus inverted constructions with unaccusatives and genericity depends on individual verbs. It is concluded that these three domains are not inherently incompatible; rather, their interaction depends on individual properties of the verb, as evinced by the fact that two-argument unaccusative verbs as servire ?be necessary? behave differently from one-argument unaccusatives (e.g., arrivare ?arrive?).

Sponsored by: Department of French and Italian

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