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FIGSO Speaker Series - Dr. Lia Brozgal

Fri, April 25, 2014 • 4:00 PM • CLA 0.130


Dr. Lia Brozgal from the University of California, Los Angeles

“Framing Colonial Violence: October 17 and Documentary Film"

Officially recognized by the Hollande government in 2012, the repression of the peaceful Algerian demonstration in Paris on October 17, 1961 remains a subject of controversy. Working contrapuntally between Jacques Panijel’s 1962 documentary Octobre à Paris (the first cultural production to represent the event) and Yasmina Adi's 2011 Ici on noie les Algériens (the most recent attempt to come to terms with the repression and its afterlives), this lecture analyzes the films’ representational stakes, their conditions of production, and their role in the politics of memory in contemporary France. 


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