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Costs and Scholarships - 2014 details coming soon

Financial aid and SCHOLARSHIPS available 

Upon acceptance, students may apply for scholarships from the College of Liberal Arts and the UT Study Abroad Office. The College of Liberal Arts will give to the program $25,000 in scholarships to distribute among the participants in the Rome Study Program 2011. On the Facebook page, students can find and download an: application, minutes of the first meeting and a list of COLA scholarships.

Airfare - Students can travel independently or as a group; the program offers in fact the option to travel as a group at a competitive fare.

Program Cancellation 

The department reserves the right to cancel or modify the program at any time. Should the program be cancelled, participants will receive full refunds less expenses incurred, if any.

Participant Withdrawal -

50% of the fees will be reimbursed for withdrawal prior to April 1st, 25% prior to May 1st, and none after that date.

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