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Earth Science

Geomorphology, Climate, and Soils

Earth Science, as a subfield of geography, emphasizes the study of environmental processes at regional and global scales.  Geomorphology and biogeography are the most important components of the Earth Science track. Its goal is to provide a sound background in aspects of the origin, development, and evolution of the earth's physical environment and landscape.

Students selecting this track must take 4 of the following 13 courses, and are urged to take as many of them as possible:

  • GRG 333K Climate Change
  • GRG 334C Environmental Hazards
  • GRG 334K Soils
  • GRG 335C Quaternary Landscapes
  • GRG 335K Mountain Geoecology
  • GRG 335N Landscape Ecology
  • GRG 336C Comparative Ecosystems
  • GRG 338C Rivers and Landscapes: Fluvial Geomorphology
  • GRG 339 Process Geomorphology
  • GRG 356T (when topic is Advanced Physical Geography)
  • GRG 366K Biogeography
  • GRG 367K Vegetation Ecology
  • GRG 379L Practicum: Internships in Applied Geography (when appropriate)

The honors sequence (679HA/HB) can be used to meet part of this track requirement.

Note: In addition to the above, all geography majors must also complete the core requirements in Human Geography, Physical Geography, and Techniques.

Minors for Earth Science

Students in this track should consider minoring in integrative biology or geology. If minoring in geology, all students are urged to take GEO 401 (Physical Geology), GEO 416M (Depositional Processes), and GEO 320L (Introductory Field Geology). Students then can either take GEO 428 (Structural Geology) and GEO 376K (Groundwater Hydrology), OR (with approval of the undergraduate advisor) GEO 405 (Life through Time) and GEO 335 (Geology of Resources of Texas). Some students may also want to take GEO 422K (Paleobiology), GEO 416 (Mineralogy and Petrology), or GEO 368N (Application of Geology to Energy Resources).

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