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Kit Belgum, Chair 2505 University Avenue, Burdine Hall 336, Mailcode C3300, Austin TX 78712-1802 • 512-471-4123

Graduate Student List

Matt Anderson

Graduate student  |  232-6381  |  BUR 366


  19th century German literature, historiography, nationalism and national sentiment, canonicity, collective memory, Swedish literature and culture

Steve Bartels

Graduate student, LBJ School of Public Affairs  |  232-6381  |  BUR 362

Margo Blevins

Graduate Student  |  512-471-5603  |  BUR 374

Holly R Brining

Graduate student  |  512-471-5603  |  Burdine 374

Collin Brown

Graduate student  |  232-6381  |  BUR 362


  (Old) Icelandic, Norwegian, Medieval Studies, folklore, historical linguistics, Dutch/Afrikaans

Devon Donohue-Bergeler

Graduate student, Foreign Language Education  |  471-5603  |  BUR 370


M.A. in German Studies/Culture and Communication, Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden, Germany


  foreign language acquisition in a study abroad setting, experiential learning, motivation and inter-cultural learning

Ryan Dux

Graduate student


  Syntax, Semantics, Historical Linguistics, Grammatical Change, Language Pedagogy, German-American Dialects

Matthias Fingerhuth

Graduate Student/Assistant Instructor  |  512-471-5603  |  BUR 370

Katrin Fuchs

Graduate Student/Assistant Instructor  |  512-471-5603  |  BUR 374

Maggie S Gemmell

Assistant Instructor, Ph.D. Candidate  |  (512) 471-5665  |  BUR 382


M.A. Germanic Studies - Linguistics, The University of Texas at Austin


  Metaphor, Politeness, Lexical Semantics, Conversation Analysis, Foreign Language Pedagogy

David Huenlich

Graduate Student  |  512-232-6381  |  Burdine 362

T. Adams LaBorde

Graduate student  |  512-232-6381  |  Burdine 362

Cornelia Loos

Graduate student, Department of Linguistics  |  471-5603  |  BUR 370

Karin Maxey

Ph.D. Candidate  |  Burdine 374


  Teaching culture, content-based teaching, second language reading, literature and culture of the Weimar Republic, 20th century German literature

Jessica Plummer

PhD Candidate; Graduate Student  |  512-471-5665  |  Burdine 378


  19th- and 20th-century literature, popular literature and culture, theater, intersections of social class and literature, and German cultural history

Amanda Ziemba Randall

Ph.D. Candidate; Assistant Instructor  |  512-471-5665  |  Burdine 378


M.A. in cultural anthropology, Rice University


  comparative Germanophone cultural studies, 19th-21st-century Germanophone literature, intellectual history, history of science, ethnography, translation studies, film studies, foreign language pedagogy

Jason Roberts

Graduate Student  |  512-471-5603  |  Burdine 370


M.A., University of Texas at Austin

Anke J Sanders

Graduate Student, Department of Educational Psychology  |  512-471-5503  |  Burdine 374


Working towards PhD in Educational Psychology, School of Education - University of Texas at Austin

Tavis Sartin

Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant  |  BUR 366

Kristina Saunders

Graduate Student/Assistant Instructor  |  512-471-5665  |  BUR 382


MA in Second Language Acquisition, Kansas State University


  Interactional Linguistics/Conversation Analysis, Applied Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, Language Pedagogy, and Historical Linguistics

Laura Snyder

Graduate Student/Assistant Instructor  |  BUR 378

Annika VanNoy

Graduate student  |  471-5665  |  BUR 378

Cindy Walter-Gensler

Graduate student  |  471-5565  |  BUR 382


M. A. in Germanic Studies, University of Florida


  Feminist Theory, German Feminism, Representations of Motherhood in German Culture, Representations of State Violence

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