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Matt Anderson

Graduate student, Assistant Instructor



19th century German literature, historiography, nationalism and national sentiment, canonicity, collective memory, Swedish literature and culture

SWE 604 • Accelerated First-Year Swedish

38560 • Fall 2014
Meets MWF 900am-1100am BUR 337
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Course Description

An introduction to spoken and written Swedish with an emphasis on active communication, this course will cover basic grammar and vocabulary. By the end of the semester you should be able to read short texts with some ease and to carry on a conversation about an everyday subject with a native speaker. Since Swedish is very similar to English, you'll probably be able to say and understand more than you think you will before you begin to study it! Graded readings in Swedish will also introduce you to aspects of Swedish and Scandinavian culture, and we’ll also view some recent Swedish films—for fun and practice understanding spoken Swedish. Swedish 604 is the first part of a two-semester accelerated course which satisfies the undergraduate language requirement in one year. The first semester covers the basics of Swedish grammar and vocabulary. In the second, students read a variety of texts on literary and cultural issues and respond to them in weekly essays in Swedish.


Grading Policy

Attendance and class participation: 30%

Weekly quizzes: 30%

Weekly compositions: 30%

Examination: 10%



Nybörjarsvenska (BlueText) Nybörjarsvenska (Yellow Workbook) Säg det på svenska (Red Text, not the workbook) Prisma's svensk-engelsk ordbok (Swedish-English Dictionary) Recommended: Prisma’s engelsk-svensk ordbok (English-Swedish Dictionary)

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