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W├╝rzburg Summer Program: May 16 - July 25, 2014


The aim of this ten-week program is to enable American students to learn about German and European history, politics, economic life and culture firsthand in Germany. The program will provide the possibility to earn 6 or 9 University of Texas college credits in a ten-week course of study. It will be conducted both parallel to and integrated with the regular German university semester. This way, the participants will be exposed to the normal workings of a German university and to German student life.

The program will offer second-year German (GER 612; 6 credits). Students thus can fulfill their UT language requirement by attending the program. More advanced students also can take upper division composition and conversation (3 credits for either GER 330C or for GER 379). In addition, lectures on History, Politics, Literature and Art History will be conducted in English. Completion of first-year German by May 2014 is a prerequisite for participation.


The City

Würzburg is an old city of 120,000 inhabitants. Astride the river Main in northern Bavaria, 90 minutes from Frankfurt International Airport, Würzburg is a city of easily manageable size and great cultural and historical interest. The dominant influences on the character of the city include the feudal past, baroque architecture, wine culture and the University.

City of Würzburg webpage

The University and the Faculty

The program will be conducted at the University of Würzburg by regular faculty members. The University, founded in 1582, is a renowned institution of higher learning consisting of 12 schools and divisions with approximately 20,000 students. Faculty members for the program have been recruited from the Departments of Art History, History, Economics, English and American Studies. In addition, Dr. Sabine Hake from the Department of Germanic Studies at The University of Texas at Austin will teach in the Program.

University of Würzburg webpage

Course work

The Summer Program is designed as an academic program that will consist of morning and afternoon lectures and classes. Evaluation of written assignments and tests will determine the letter grades for courses.

Excursions to sites of historical and cultural interest (one overnight) will serve to complement classroom work, especially in history and art history.

This Year's Program



Arrival in Germany on Friday, May 16, 2014 (departure from US on May 15). Meet at 11:00 a.m. at the "Meeting point" in the Arrival Hall in Terminal 1, Level 1, of Frankfurt International Airport.

Transfer to Würzburg by bus: May 16, 2014, 11:00 a.m.

1. German Language

  • A) Second-year German (GER 612; 6 credits, 10 weekly class hours)
  • B) Upper-division composition and conversation (GER 330C or GER 379; 3 credits, 5 weekly class hours).
Prerequisite: completion of GER 312L or GER 612 or equivalent.

2. Germany and Europe: History — Culture (taught in English)

1.5 credits per course, 2 courses minimum, 2 weekly class hours per course

A) History and Government: "German Unity and Europe in the 19th and 20th Century"
B) Art History: "From the Middle Ages to the Baroque"
C) Literature: "Cross-Cultural Impressions: Germans in America, Americans in Germany."
D) Economics: "The Basic Concept of Social Market Economy and the Economic Prospects for the European Union."

Students can earn credit for Topics in Germanic Civilization (GRC w327E) or Germany and Europe since 1945 (EUS w356) by taking a combination of two of the above courses

Plate of Wiener Schnitzel


Three one-day excursions to:

and one five-day excursion to Berlin.

Program Director

Dr. Sabine Hake will serve as resident director in Würzburg throughout the ten weeks of instruction. She will organize and partly teach the Program's German language courses and also be available to assist and advise participants. She will review the participants' grades for program work and will serve as a liaison to the home institution.


Students will be housed in local dormitories. Rooms may differ in furnishing, location and spaciousness. Each student will have a room with kitchen and bathroom access. Room assignments will be made by local staff; a change of accommodations is not possible. Each participant will be able to use public transportation in Würzburg (bus, light rail) free of charge for the time of the Program.


All Summer School students below the age of 30 will be provided with comprehensive health insurance in Germany during the Program. Students are required to purchase the International Student ID which offers coverage to students while in transit and while travelling outside of Germany. The University of Würzburg or the University of Texas at Austin cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage sustained during the Summer School. UT requires all program participants to enroll in the International Insurance Coverage program (a.k.a. Overseas Insurance). This program has three components: (1) international health insurance (CISI) which covers students if they travel outside of Germany; (2) International SOS emergency assistance coverage (UT member #11BSGC000037); (3) general liability coverage. The cost is $19 per week.

Where and when to apply


Students should apply through the:

Department of Germanic Studies
Burdine Hall 336
(512) 471-4123

The application form is available online (21K) (please type and print).

Paper copies of the application form can be obtained from the Department of Germanic Studies. The application must be received no later than February 20, 2014. For questions concerning application procedures and scholarship information, contact the Center for Global Educational Opportunities at the address above. If you have other questions about this program, contact the director, Dr. Hess ( in BUR 336.

Important dates

All meetings will be held in the Department of Germanic Studies Conference Room in BUR 337.

  • Information meeting: Tuesday, December3, 2013 3:30 p.m., in BUR 337
  • Information meeting: Tuesday, February 4, 5:00 p.m., in BUR 337.
  • Deadline for applications: February 20, 2014. Students will be invoiced for the $2600 program fee
  • Orientation: Tuesday, March 4, 3:30 p.m., in BUR 337.
  • Final meeting: Thursday, April 17, 3:30 p.m., in BUR 337.


The cost for participation in the Program is as follows:

  • $2,600 Program fee (includes courses in Würzburg, housing, local transportation, transfer from Frankfurt International Airport to Würzburg, excursions, local health insurance, and overnight accommodations).
  • UT tuition and fees for six or nine credits.
  • International air fare.
  • Students will need at least $30 per day for meals. Credit cards are not as widely accepted as in the U.S.A, but ATM machines are widely available.
  • UT International Insurance Coverage ($190).
  • Study Abroad registration fee ($50).
  • Incidental expenses: books, passport, international student ID, etc.

Students from other institutions will be able to participate under the same conditions.



The College of Liberal Arts is providing generous scholarships funding for this program. All UT program students are eligible to apply. Submit the scholarship application online at The due date is February 20. 

Students are also encouraged to seek financial support through the International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS) and through other scholarship programs. The IEFS deadline is March 1. The application form is at:

Student financial aid may be applied to this program (with the exception of work study); check with your financial aid counselor. Further funding options are detailed on the SAB website:


A University bill for the program fee ($2,600) will be generated around February 22, 2014. This bill must be paid through UTDirect by March 8. We will be able to arrange for a payment plan for students on financial aid. Withdrawals after March 1, 2014, are subject to a cancellation charge of $1,000. Students who withdraw late will be charged $1,000; if the program fee is paid in full, $1,000 will be deducted from the refund. The University of Würzburg reserves the right to cancel an individual course if there are not enough participants.

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