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Characters in Context (CiC): Literary Circle

Is an informal, inter-departmental literary circle for faculty and students. Organized by graduate students in the Department of Germanic Studies, CiC will host lectures and poetry readings intended to contribute to and enrich the university's cultural program. Presentations will (as a general rule) be held in English, in order to include and attract participants from a variety of disciplines. The focus of the Circle is primarily literary, but presentations on other cultural topics are equally welcome. Sessions often lead to a Happy Hour at the Cactus Café. All interested are cordially invited to participate in meetings. Feel free to spread the word.

A History of Characters in Context lectures!

The UT Literary Circle Characters in Context announces its Spring 2001 lecture series entitled Experiencing, Reflecting, Reading, Writing. All sessions will be held on Fridays at 3:00 pm at EPS 4.104 (Conference Room).

For questions or comments, please contact Nike Arnold (nikearnold@mail.utexas.edu) or Agnieszka Nance (abnance@austin.rr.com)

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