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Spring 2010

GER 386.2 • German Literature and Culture: Renaissance/Reformation through Baroque (1450-1730)

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
38135 MW
12:30 PM-2:00 PM
BUR 232

Course Description

This course gives an overview of German literature from 1450 through the early eighteenth century. It covers the main periods as well as a variety of genres, styles, and forms. It focuses on literary developments and traces patterns of continuity and discontinuity. Literature is placed into the historical context in which it was produced and in which it served a very specific communicative purpose. Consequently, the course will cover historical, social, philosophical and overall cultural developments. Furthermore, the course is also concerned with individual texts: conditions of text production as well as problems of reception are discussed along with questions of meaning and interpretation of these texts. This course is designed to help you prepare for prelims. For this reason, the texts are chosen almost exclusively from the graduate reading list. We also will practice writing short essays and text interpretations. The course will be conducted in German so students can practice their academic German. Written assignments have to be completed in the non-native language. The course will also give students an introduction to research techniques specific to the early modern period. I will arrange for a visit to the PCL, to the HRC, and we will learn to use some of the web resources.

Homework and Assignments * daily readings * frequent written assignments (bibliography, biography, research methods, etc.) * occasional short oral reports * one text interpretation to be presented in class * three written text interpretations (2-3 pp) * two substantial writing assignments (4 essays of 1-2 pages each; one before mid-term, one before final) * all writing assignments and text interpretations are to be completed in German (in English for native speakers of German)

Grading Policy

Written homework assignments 10% Two substantial writing assignments 10% Text interpretations (1 oral; 3 written)20% Mid-term exam 20% Final exam 30% Class participation 10%


Sebastian Brant: Das Narrenschiff (Reclam UB 899) ISBN 978-3-15-000899-7 Hans Sachs: Meistergesänge. Fastnachtsspiele. Schwänke (Reclam UB 18288)ISBN 978-3-15-018288-8 Martin Luther: An den christlichen Adel deutscher Nation und andere Schriften (Reclam UB 1578)ISBN 978-3-15-001578-0 Historia von D. Johann Fausten (edited by Füssel/Kreutzer; Reclam UB 1516)ISBN 978-3-15-001516-2 Volker Meid and Ulrich Maché (eds.): Gedichte des Barock (Reclam UB 9975)ISBN 978-3-15-009975-9 Martin Opitz: Buch von der deutschen Poeterey: Studienausgabe (Reclam UB 18214) ISBN 978-3-15-018214-7 Andreas Gryphius: Catharina von Georgien (Reclam UB 9751) ISBN 978-3-15-009751-9 Andreas Gryphius: Absurda Comica oder Herr Peter Squentz (Reclam UB 7982) ISBN 978-3-15-007982-9 Grimmelshausen: Simplicissimus: Gekürzte Ausgabe (Reclam UB 7452)ISBN 978-3-15-007452-7 Texts in Course Reader Poems not included in Meid/Maché Folz: Fastnachtsspiele Manuel: Ablasskremer Agricola: De re metallica (Auszug) Agrippa von Nettesheim: De occulta philosophia (excerpts) Hermann Bote: Dil Ulenspiegel (excerpts) Fischart: Geschichtsklitterung (excerpts) Lalebuch (excerpts) Andreae: Chymische Hochzeit Harsdörffer/Klaj: Pegnesisches Schäfergedicht


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