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Spring 2010

GER 507 • First-Year German II

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
37970 to 37990 Multiple Sections JES A307A

Course Description

Welcome to German 507! It is a 2nd semester course that continues where GER 506 left off. If you earned an A or B in 506, you have a good foundation for GER 507. If you earned a C, you have some deficiencies you need to address. There is a review period during at the beginning of the semester, and you should use it to full advantage. If you earned a D in GER 506, you are not eligible to take this course. If you did not take GER 506 at UT, see your instructor soon; you will need to familiarize yourself with the material covered in GER 506. As GER 506, this course also emphasizes equally listening, speaking, reading and writing. The primary goal of instruction in 507 is to help you develop your ability to communicate in German. German 507 is a five-credit course that meets Mondays through Thursdays. How much time you should spend studying outside of class depends on a number of individual factors such as your linguistic aptitude, self-discipline, your desire to learn a foreign language, etc. You should, on average, plan to spend at least 1-2 hours each day studying German: completing written homework, reviewing, reading, and building your vocabulary. Your instructor can offer some tips on how to study effectively.

Grading Policy

All German 507 students are evaluated according to the same criteria: A. 5 chapter exams = 50% B. 2 Oral examinations = 10% Each oral exam is worth 5% of your grade. The first one will be administered during the first half of the semester, the second one during the second half of the semester. The best preparation for these exams is regular and active participation in class. The more you participate in class, the more fluently you will speak. C. Brief Quizzes = 15% These quizzes are given in class and can be announced or unannounced. D. Class participation and homework = 25% This grade includes participation and attendance (5%), hand-in homework, attendance at the German Film Series (at least twice / semester), assignments from the Kurspaket, the WebQuests, from Grimm Grammar, etc. (15%).

There is no final exam during the final exam period in GER 507 due to the cumulative nature of all of the tests you take. If you show up late for a test, you will still have to finish the test at the same time as the other students. If you do not show up for an exam without having obtained permission from your instructor in advance of the test, you will not receive any credit for the test. Emergencies that can be substantiated to the satisfaction of your instructor will be treated as exceptions. There are no Incompletes given in German 506.


Deutsch im Blick (2008). Kurspaket (combined textbook & workbook) Available for purchase at IT Copy (512 MLK Boulevard; 476-6662). The video clips can be found at: (If you find any links that don't work, please report them to Dr. Abrams at Grimm Grammar is the grammar portion of the online program. The topics you need to learn are included in each chapter of your Kurspaket, and can be reached through the GG homepage at:


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