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Kit Belgum, Chair 2505 University Avenue, Burdine Hall 336, Mailcode C3300, Austin TX 78712-1802 • 512-471-4123

Spring 2010

GER 612 • Accelerated Second-Year German: Readings in Modern German

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
37995 MWF
2:00 PM-4:00 PM
BUR 234

Course Description

This is a second-year accelerated course designed to cover the third and fourth semesters of German instruction. It is primarily a reading course, with secondary emphasis placed upon listening comprehension and simple German conversation. The readings are well-edited, mature short stories, essays, poems, fables, and a three-act play. A comprehensive review of the grammar of the language is undertaken throughout the course.

This course is aimed primarily at the more able students, the A and B students, but quite a few students of more average ability have successfully completed the course. The students have one thing in common: high motivation! (Remember, high motivation can include the need to fulfill the language requirement for graduation.)

Grading Policy

2 hours of work each night. 5 exams; no final exam. Various quizzes, such as verb quizzes, adjective endings quizzes, relative pronoun quizzes,Sprichwörter quizzes, announced as well as unannounced. ASSIGNMENTS: 2 hours of work each night

Grades will not be curved. Students simply receive whatever grade they have earned. Exam and quiz grades supply 80% of the final course grade, and class participation and attendance supply the other 20%. Attendance is MANDATORY! More than 3 unexcused absences can reduce your final grade by a whole letter-grade increment; after the third absence, each absence will reduce your final numerical grade by 1 %!


Di Donato, Clyde, Vansant. Deutsch Na Klar, Textbook. Di Donato, Clyde, Vansant. Deutsch Na Klar, Workbook. Di Donato, Clyde, Vansant. Deutsch Na Klar, Laboratory Manual & CD-ROM. A good dictionary Recommended: Cassell's German-English English-German Dictionary, Betteridge (Ed.) - hardbound Caution: The Compact Cassell's German-English English-German Dictionary is not suitable for use in this course!


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