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Peter Hess, Chair 2505 University Avenue, Burdine Hall 336, Mailcode C3300, Austin TX 78712-1802 • 512-471-4123

Spring 2010

SWE 612 • Accelerated Second-Year Swedish

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Course Description

This is an intermediate course in Swedish language that emphasizes oral and written Swedish. Graded readings will introduce you to various aspects of Swedish and Scandinavian literature and culture, and we will continue to review and refine your knowledge of Swedish grammar. We will also see and discuss a number of Swedish films. Completion of this course satisfies the four-semester language requirement in many programs at UT.

Grading Policy

Weekly compositions (35%) and quizzes (35%), one hour examination (10%), and class participation (20%).


Nybörjarsvenska (Blue text) Nybörjarsvenska (Yellow workbook) Nybörjarsvenska (facit ˆ answer key) Nya Mål 3 (textbook and workbook) Prisma's Swedish-English Dictionary Prisma’s English-Swedish Dictionary


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