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Peter Hess, Chair 2505 University Avenue, Burdine Hall 336, Mailcode C3300, Austin TX 78712-1802 • 512-471-4123

Spring 2010

GRC 301 • Beauties or Witches: Women in German Film

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
38275 TTh
3:30 PM-5:00 PM
RLM 5.116

Course Description

This course examines women's representations in German cinema, encouraging historical and theoretical thinking about representations of gender. Its goals are to familiarize students with a variety of German films, to practice terminology of film, to introduce feminist (film) theories, and to familiarize the students with some main critical approaches in film studies. It introduces feminist aesthetics and film by examining the representation of women in German cinema. The course is thematically structured around films and readings, on topics such as "Women and Work," "Women and Sexuality," "Women and Identity," etc. While each film will be explored in relation to the socio-historical, political-cultural and aesthetic contexts of its production, the primary focus will be on the image and representation of the female body and agency. Reading and discussing contemporary feminist (film) theories will aid the course in addressing the issue of gender and agency. Furthermore, supplemental readings on how to read films, etc. will be provided.

Course objectives To introduce a variety of German films to students To introduce some main critical approaches in film studies to students To introduce feminist (film) theories To develop students' communication skills on talking about film To create an understanding of how film can be analyzed To grow students' writing skills through writing assignments

Grading Policy

Participation and Attendance: 20% Response papers (two 2-3-page papers; 2 x 10%): 20 % Quizzes: 15% Midterm exam: 20% Final project: 25 %


Selected readings in course packet. Available for purchase at IT Copy (512 MLK Boulevard; 476-6662).


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